i made a little rule for myself

in order to get 5-7 posts a day going over at laist.

the rule was no food until you post at least twice.

but then i saw how pretty it was outside so i said ok if you write a third one you can sorta take a long lunch.

long of course meaning an hour.

today i wrote about how i dont support the kids at the south central farm and surprise surprise all the comments were all wtf.

i wanted to say, whaddya mean wtf. i wanted to say read what i wrote and give me a good response not, oh laist is a corporate blog what do you expect with them supporting the corporation over the people.

but thats not the case at all. far as i can see these people have been farming rent free for 14 years while the case has been kicked around the courts. yes it sucks that their farm has to go away and it sucks that the dude’s feelings are all hurt and he wont sell the farm back to the city, but since when were there supposed to be happy endings to every story?

plus the mayor is getting them new places to farm so wtf yourself.

i also wrote about the unocal 76 balls that are being taken down and replaced by far less cool rectangles.

michael madsen and zippy the pinhead are leading the attack to save the balls.

yes mom my job is to write about this stuff.

then i wrote about wolfmother playing at the henry fonda and vagenius playing spaceland but theyre not called vagenius anymore theyre called something else but i like the old name better.

what im learning is to be an editor is sorta like being a writer in that in order to get your job done correctly you pretty much have to not give one fucking shit what people think. put your shoulder down and head for the hole.

la times agrees with the laist + blogging.la calls the latest stubbornness lame + simpleton + wildbell

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