lindsays stoked because shes no longer a teen

and she knows that i gave up teens for lent, 2005.

i woke up at two pm today. can you believe that shit.

girls here wear bikinis as clothes and after a while it actually does lose some of its omg appeal but some of it surprises you at two pm when you hear The Hills on in the living room.

lc has the worst boyfriend.

now we’re watching cheyenne.

i just want to lay here all day but theres some xbi shit ive got to take care of today, strangely enough.

typically not a saturday requirement but we ask so little of each other that its uncomfortable to ever say no, in a nice way.

hard to explain.

when i was younger i thought that once i was sixteen everything would be great.

then i thought having my own car would make everything great.

then i thought having a chick roll you a perfect joint while in a bikini and invite you to wake n bake would be perfect on a summers day.

a saturday at that.

i think im going gay because one reason im going to stoke the xbi today is because i cant talk with this girl at all.

ive only met one other person my whole life who had zero interests and that was so long ago i thought she was a one of a kind.

but nope.

unrelated, while doing a little research on the Orange County al Qaeda dude who was on tv this week,

it turns out his parents are like super hippies who moved to orange county to start a ranch that would raise beef in a humane way.

i just realize i had a dream last night where i was analyzing my batting stance.

when i get to heaven i want to play short,

lead off,

and be on the traveling team.

best thing about heaven? its a hitters league. cuz who cares if you get hit.

lgf was on fire yesterday + la scumbag + man proves that vegetables are bad for you

the good luck bar

thursday night july sixth two thousand and sixx

basart was being photo journalist and he made me realize that i use a lot of hand signals when im in a loud bar.

maybe because im never sitting in the back area when i go to the good luck bar in los feliz that i didnt know how loud the music can get back there. we had a good sized group and we got there early enough to get a nice corner and listen to the jukebox get played. a nice combo of eighties, disco, and todays soundz.

i believe i even heard a little country western.

everyone that i met was really super nice and smart and they knew instantly that anti tanky basart and the pants were from another world and called them out. afterwards basart nominated my place for the after party and it was seconded before i could say that my house was messy but no was not being taken for an answer.

before all that i had a very pleasant dinner with gothamist publisher jake dobkin at one of those outside tables at fred 62 and before he arrived i nerded out on this pretty amazing ibm thinkpad that ended up in my possession.

but before we go any further, ive heard good and bad things about the verizon evdo system and so far ive had pretty good luck. granted i havent really left the tristate area.

tonight i went to see the rentals at the henry ford music box. because of the gig i can get free tickets to a lot of shows as long as i have my shit together but i didnt have my shit together but i didnt care. i love the rentals and matt sharp is an interesting musical dude. i hope he doesnt hate me for falling in love with his girlfriend who i will probably gush over in tomorrows review over at the LAist.

this chick is hot, ambi-musical, and has the perfect voice for the rentals. its freaky. he has surrounded himself with a really good band that started the show with a violin solo and had two trombone appearances and what i think was a pedal steel on one particular number that was amazing.

so there i was standing on the far left almost next to the speaker but far enough away that it didnt hurt my ears and i get a tap on the shoulder from an old coworker from E! who has a wristband for me to go backstage. but then there was drama with the security guards and i just went back to watching the show. i listen to the rentals every week at least, and have for close to 11 years now. i dont need to meet them.

in fact the only time i ever met matt was at a soma show i think at spaceland and i was all dude i love your shit. and he was you love my _shit_?

and sometimes its just better to lie to stars by saying stuff like, “bro, that black dude has five dollar hits of e.”

which i may or may not have said to a popular television personality on my way to the mens room, who may or may not have gotten punched in the chest by the offended person of color.

mr sharp said many times how happy we had made him feel by being at the show.

he really is whats missing in weezer.

vanmega + im back on team lindsay + lets take over the news-press