shrooms are good for you?


John Hopkins Discovers that People Enjoy Illegal Mushrooms

More than 60 percent of volunteers given capsules of psilocybin derived from mushrooms said they had a “full mystical experience.”

“Many of the volunteers in our study reported, in one way or another, a direct, personal experience of the “beyond,” said Roland Griffiths, a professor of Neuroscience and Psychiatry and Behavioral Biology at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore who led the study.

A third said the experience was the single most spiritually significant of their lifetimes. Many likened it to the birth of their first child or the death of a parent.

And the effects lingered.

rest of the article is here

Wall Street Journal article here

girls ruin everything

here i was gonna write this super sad thing about how now that anna broke up with enrique she should want to hang out with me but she doesnt and isnt that sad. and how i must have gotten fuglier over the years because my inbox used to contain way more nudes. or maybe its my writings no good any more.

and then i was gonna write how you cant listen to those voices. that those are devil hymns. that the reason the lord made stereo stores and huge speakers and head phones and ipods and surround sound and sub woofers was so that we could drown out the bad songs of evil.

evil is thinking 113 is too old for a girl like anna kournikova.

evil is thinking that the busblog has lost a step.

evil is thinking that all the other writing one does doesnt matter even if somehow its now paying the rent.

evil is putting off reading the good book on the sabbath until 6am and then only reading the minimal amount. you really shouldnt wear the bare minimum of flair.

evil is thinking you cant take a weekend off to rest the bones and the head and the schween.

sweetness is when a new girl from somewhere says youre hotter than my bf.

and then gives you her phone number.

so why are all the good girls in canada. with boyfriends


she said why dont you drive here and we can have a walk in the park with walkie talkies. i said walkie talkies. she said yea because if we walked too close id push you in the bushes and do stuff with you in there.

i said send me your underwear.

she said when i get some, sure.

good things girls are also the cure.

encantada + buy a date with jessica biel + LA City Nerd featured me

ashley doesn’t think i love her

four years ago today i was trying to break up with a teenage girl

which couldn’t be further from the truth.

ashley, baby, sweetheart, of course i love you. i love you so much im typing to you despite having terrible carpel tunnel. my wrist looks like that giraffe. im only going to post one thing today and this is it. of course i love you ashley.

sometimes love means letting go. don’t ask me to explain it because im not sure i totally understand it.

but i do understand the benefit of laying on your back with someone your own age, relatively, holding hands, discovering new music and old gems. ashley you’re twenty. im 108. you need to find a guy who’s also twenty.

you two need to listen to led zep until the sun comes up, pink floyd, skynyrd, the doors, the dead’s american beauty, the clash, the police, motorhead, the ramones, the talking heads, santana, bob marley, dylan, ac/dc, van halen, boston, dio, sabbath, priest, maiden, yes, classic rock. and not the greatest hits, but the full albums completely.

you need to be going to college and read shakespeare, hopkins, faulkner, hemingway, milton, joyce, dickinson, twain, tennyson, vonnegut, tolstoy, yes, classic rock.

don’t be fooled by guys who have great sex with you. the sex will always be great.

don’t be fooled by guys who can write well. it just means that when they’re mad at you you’ll get the most hateful terrible emails. you deserve better.

don’t be fooled by guys who are terribly handsome, or charming, or cool as a cucumber in a bowl of hot sauce. those guys, especially in LA are a dime a dozen.

what you need is a nerdy guy who’d do anything for you. who would leave you presents at your door and make web sites for you in your image: beautiful and grand, lyrical and edgy. you need a geek who would wait years for you, secretly, despite his own welfare. you need someone who wont make fun of the bad music kids these days love.

instead of trolling the skate parks and beaches, you should sit outside a cyber cafe or an engineering department, browse through the aisles of fry’s electronics, become a member of the battery club at radio shack.

go geek, not greek.

your whole life you’re going to be pursued and eventually conquered and dominated by a variety of well-meaning men, take this opportunity to turn the tables and you be the one who does the corruption. and trust me when i tell you that you’ve got all the tools.

go to tower records and smile at the boys with the dyed hair and the unoriginal punk rock wear, but give your number to the guy in the back wearing the weezer tshirt who would never think that in a million years you’d say hi to him.

then get his number, tell him to ride his scooter over, kiss his neck, watch him shake, get him stoned, put in jane’s addiction, and go where the music takes you.