if i still loved you, blog,

id give you the best picture i took this week which was when patience from the grates was talking with annie of giant drag.

click here for to make big.

do you know how in love with patience i was by the end of the first song?

so in love i didnt even notice annies knee his until i uploaded the pictures that night.

i dont know where the grates are going, but when they come back to your town you really need to see them.

you might also want to get their cd.

courtney said kurdt liked to make lists so heres the list of the top thirteen best cds of 2006 so far, in pretty much order although the top six could be moved around a little because theyre all perfect records.

usually theres only one or two perfect records in a year.

1. the grates – gravity wont get you high

2. the format – dog problems

3. the go! team – thunder, lightning, strike

4. sonic youth – rather ripped

5. christina aguilera – back to basics

6. wolfmother – wolfmother

7. the submarines – declare a new state

8. the bronx – the bronx

9. scissor sisters – ta-dah!

10. guster – ganging up on the sun

11. nouvelle vogue – bande a part

12. el presidente – el presidente

13. blood brothers – love rhymes with hideous car wreck

i say no to pretty much everything.

i like to stay at home and write, or go to the beach and write, or sit by the pool and write.

my favorite days are the ones when i get no pressing email, no messages on my phones, and nobody knocks on my door.

the exceptions to those rules are those who usually email call and knock, which for some reason only encourages those who usually dont.

kira from kanada kame by this week and we spent a few days together and i was driving her to the greyhound bus station and everything was going well until i told her that i had called caesars and told them that i wouldnt be using those triumph the insult comic dog tickets.

she said, really? wanna go to san francisco with me, then? and i searched for excuses to say no, and i could find none. so we doubled back and i packed up and we went through malibu, isla vista, salinas, and arrived in frisco just in time for some el faro lita burritos.

this afternoon we had lunch with some super cool people at google + blogger in mountain view, without whom this busblog probably would not be here.

then had a sit down with mr ev williams without whom this busblog definately wouldnt be here.

then went past the full house house, drove across the golden gate bridge, and then picked up some house of nan king.

i dropped her off in chinatown because she had a few hours to kill before her bus took her up to vancouver, and i crept into the rushhour traffic that is the bay bridge, the 580 and then the 5.

and just as weird as it was spending so much time with just one person, it was weird suddenly being alone. as always i got a little sleepy after eating the shrimp fried rice and nan king chicken so i took a quickie nap at a truck stop for ten minutes and then drove that long dark highway.

google is an interesting place, thats for sure. you feel like youre at willie wonkas factory. the food is delicious, free, and plentiful. the people are very young. the dogs seem happy. and i saw an RV that said mobile dentist on it.

in isla vista theyre building student family housing on the rugby fields.

also, you know you’re with a young woman when she has no idea about most of the pop culture references that you mention,

and you know youre a freak when, she confides that her favorite artist is hillary duff, and you say, sure, lets hear her record, you can identify not one not two but three songs.

my video interview with ev