on the blogfather business

once and for all, i have never claimed to be the blogfather of anything. nor am i the father of anything, the grandfather of anything, or grand-nephew of anything. maybe if i was we wouldnt have had to be discussing the same thing all week.

our old pal glenn reynolds is the blogfather.

although i chide him about claiming to be libertarian even though he hardly ever talks about libertarians or announces the support of any libertarians in top level government positions, and then votes for them.

you know, like how a man who describes himself as a cubs fan actually pays money to the club and then roots for them. even when all signs point to the fact that they will probably lose. you know, like normal people.

despite denying the fact that he is a republican, glenn mostly talks about things from a Conservative point of view. not that theres anything wrong with that.

i just dont understand the fear of coming out of the closet.

jeff guckert did it

ted haggard did it

mark foley did it

even michele malkin admitted that yes, she is a proud republican.

i had no problem telling people that i am an independent. i had no problem telling them that i had voted for reagan and bush in the past and clinton and nader in the near past, and now greens and peace and freedoms.

the reason why professor reynolds has a hard time being up front in his blog is

because hes the blogfather.

if he was just some unknown college professor, freaked out by 9/11, he wouldnt have had to keep up this charade of being some libertarian because he thinks weed ought to be legal.

dude everyone thinks weed ought to be legal. that doesnt make you punk rock.

if he didnt have the spotlight on him that comes with being among other things, the blogfather, he could just write a normal blog and keep it real and truly blog instead of being a cellphone repeater.

we’ve got some out here that look like palm trees.

which isnt to say that those things arent useful. anyone at coachella stuck in the madonna tent as the yeah yeah yeahs were across the polo fields would have told their freinds to keep on keepin on with karen o, if they had a cell phone, and thanks to golden voice for wheeling in temporary repeaters.

but glenn should aspire to be more than that. my opinion.

i consider him the blogfather because he gets hella hits and has inspired lots of other people to start blogging, and has inspired this blog and blogger a great deal, and is the chair of pj media (which is a joke organization but so were the chicago cubs for a lawng ass time, so props to anyone who is the chair of anything), and posts 20-30 times a day

he breaks one of the rules of blogging when he apologizes for “light posting”, but we’ll let it slide since most people probably assume hes hunting with cheney and quite possibly might be injured.

i also consider him the blogfather because a long time ago he linked to a list created by one of his baby bloggers of all the other blogs that have said were inspired to start blogging because of reynolds. there were a lot of blogs on there.

maybe people like Kos or Ariana Huffington have actually allowed more unknown bloggers a chance to get read, but to me Glenn is the blogfather, an opinion ive held for a long time, and have pretty much always said.

now vote for raymi to win her thingi

i got home from orlando the other night.

i was in a good mood but it only got better when Shepard Fairey and his beautiful wife Amanda climbed aboard the shuttle taking us to the Century Blvd. long-term parking structure.

we had shared some emails a few years ago when CafePress asked me to get his permission to use the photo that graced the cover of How to Blog. what was amazing about him back then was he said yes pretty quickly and simply asked for a short message to appear in the title page of my book. gladly i accepted the “demand”.

the other day we had a pleasant chat about sean bonner, banksy, and his new magazine in which he interviewed banksy.

when i got home my house was super clean because my maid had just left. it was raining so i put some plants outside on the porch. the lovely lady who had been housesitting left behind a little film container of green buds as a thank you.

that is, i think she left it behind. baby if you simply forgot it lemme know, theres a bunch left as that shit is amazing.

tonight i watched the bears destroy the st louis rams. yes the rams were pathetic but the bears totally dominated. the nfl doesnt play and to completely manhandle the rams like that was mighty sweet.

it looks like we were all wrong in criticizing lovie for standing by his man.

although now that everything has been proved to everyone, how about letting griese take over after the first quarter next week. you never know when youre gonna need the dude.

because zona and chokey are trying to reverse psychology me, in wikipedia news, my page was pulled this weekend. the votes were something like 54-27 and the administrator who decided to delete it never gave a statement as to why she did it.

wikipedia is very odd in that it tries to be very free in allowing known trolls and even libelous statements remain on the site, but when things get controversial they bite their tongue.

during the ordeal i read a great deal within the site and never have i seen so much internal politics. whereas most work-based politics is between management and the real workers, wikipedia’s politics seem to be between the the trolls and those who are seriously there to edit the encyclopedia.

although it does look like the wikipedians are beginning to grow weary of the trolls and beginning to tolerate less nonsense, you do get the feeling that every word is measured and when in doubt the people in charge of one of the best communication tools on the internet would rather allow the trolls to delete things and refrain from appearing soft on bloggers.

and over-explaining themselves is something that theyd never be blamed for.

anti and big tanky and i had chinese the other day and anti said something so perfect.

he said, “when i go to wikipedia, i go to learn something. im so happy when they have a good article there about what i was looking for. if i was going there to learn about you, or to read more about what a blog was or what a blook was, i would love to read the entry about you. it makes no sense that they would delete something like that. now if i went there to find out about you, i wouldnt get the answer.”

well mr anti, not only would you not get the answer, but you would think that the #3 tony on google, tony pierce the blogger, is actually tony pierce the world-renown actor.

almost instantly someone challenged its notability, which means tony pierce the actor might get deleted too. and as much as i tried to see both sides on the issue, when anti talked about what wikipedia’s real purpose should be- to give information, period – i cant be totally upset that a lesser-known tony pierce slid in the day after i was deleted, because the truth is both of us should be in there.

whatever. i will get in there some day. and i would volunteer to edit there if there wasnt so much political bs flying around every minute.

lord knows i enjoy sophmoric behavior but the constant infighting and nitpicking thats not based in anything other than noise, makes it not worth it to me. ive got a web site to work on. two, actually.

and i certainly dont want to spend too much time in an organization that allows someone start an Articles for Deletion whose note to the closing administrator basically accuses me of fucking with the votes. the chick said “There appear to be a lot of sleeper accounts being used here, though curiously, they don’t seem to all express the same opinion as one might expect.”

as if simply because its a war on a blog, they expect the blogger to beg his readers to vote on his behalf. even though its not a vote. however if you look at the huge amount of votes against me its clear that people voted on my thing and nothing else. knowing that the trolls use chat rooms to organize and constantly get busted for using sock puppets its the blogger who you expect to stuff the ballot box?

get over yourselves.

i might rerun that bears game every day this week.