busblog jumps the shark

perry farrell at coachella may 2006

5/2 video interviews from coachella

5/2 funny tshirts from coachella

5/3 day two from coachella including amazing pics i didnt take

5/4 buzznet gets banned by myspace

5/6 128 people tell us how they discovered the busblog

5/8 tribute to my mother

5/9 me and asher go to the dodger game and i explain to the world the game of stopwatch

5/10 why matt good no longer blogs on thoughtmechanics

5/11 a hot babe from minnesota who i had never met and barely talked to was on her way to visit me for a long weekend. “when i stopped doing acid a long time ago i substituted that reckless behavior with new reckless behavior and if im going to die, id rather it be at the hands of some crazed fan with pert knockers than from driving a hippie van on liquid from a phish show.”

5/13 in palm springs with a ridiculously hot 21 yr old in a bikini

5/15 “what did she wear to bed? a tight shirt and some booty shorts. she called them her pajamas. i told her it wasnt fair. what did i wear to bed? a tight shirt and some booty shorts.”

5/16 “it must suck to live in ohio, painted in a corner, bound by bad decisions based in fear and marching to the beat of the half dead and mediocre. no more interesting than drew carey and certainly no more handsome.”

5/17 “my yin wants me to be a preacher and my yang wants me to be a porn director.”

5/17 because im a good Christian, i let an idiot get prime real estate on the busblog to complain about yours truly

5/18 “one of the best things that los angeles has taught me is that the american dream is vastly overrated. the concept of birth school work death is fine for lots of the people from where i grew up, but i bet you if they had to do it over again some might have chosen to stray a tad from the beaten path.

5/19 after puking blood and vomiting daily i see a doctor who cures me

5/20 why michael barrett might win the busblog man of the year

5/22 its rainy here in LA. i think its cuz the caged bird isnt singing. caged bird is disappointed in my taste in girls. one day someone super cool is there. next day someone way too young is there. next day someone super annoying is there. next day someone way too dull is there with hot clothes. caged bird is a judger.”

5/23 dear britney, you shouldnt be crying. but i know why you are. its cuz life isnt fair.

5/24 im an emotional wreck. in two weeks ive met a cheerleader and a stewardess. and ive fallen for both of them. and theyve both left me. and now i feel empty and worthless and hollow and incomplete.

5/25 “at the bottom of one of those pictures below, on buzznet, is a caption that says ‘all of these nexus men now have children except tony’, and karisa asked me if i was upset about that, and i can honestly say hell to the no.”

5/27 fired from buzznet

5/29 two girls in bikinis sing the backstreet boys while yelling fire

5/30 me: raymi what are you wearing

raymi: oh sorry im, im wearing these pants i just cut into short/pants that are black cords and i look amazing. and cowboy boots, with pink and blue striped sox sticking out, and a white tank top thing and a lot of makeup

5/31 “i have a good friend who can see into the future. the bible says that its cheating if you go to a medium, but that doesnt mean that im not sometimes tempted. hell, im all the time tempted. the only thing i would ask her is how long will this summer vacation last for. that way i would know whether to go on an excellent road trip or just go to vegas for the weekend and meet japanese girls.”

the death of the busblog

april 2006

4/2 i hate you cold

4/3 happy opening day

4/3 dear best friend in africa, i miss you

4/4 my chair smells of a terrible combination of sourdough bread farts and Endust. my floor is littered with dozens of used kleenexes. theyre mostly congregated around the fireplace but theyre strewn in such a way that they appear to be running out of the fireplace into the safety of my writing closet.

4/4 preparing my readers for 01:02:03 04/05/06

4/5 announcing i will be in toronto in a few days

4/6 a short list of buzznet pieces i had written about Coachella, as well as guest blogging elsewhere

4/7 remembering the day kurdt kobain died

4/8 i spent 24 hours in toronto to see matt good and party with pitt and the boys for raymis birthday, here are photos

4/9 full recap of most of what happened in kitchner, waterloo, and TO

4/11 inviting people to head over to buzznet to read about the original franz ferdinand and see the pants naked. i was also #312 on technorati (currently im in the 400s)

4/12 “its been about a year since ive had a girlfriend. i guess that serves me right since i wasnt very good to my last ones. but still, i put out, chicks oughtta be banging down my door.”

4/13 mc brown and azalea have a secret wedding in malibu

4/14 good friday! i asked readers to put up a buzznet coachella blogad for free, and several actually do!

4/15 bad saturday. oklahoma dude kidnaps, murders, and plans to eat a young girl. had linked and quoted me in his blog

4/17 depressed about the oklahoma killer

4/17 a better list of people who gave us free buzznet blogads, a picture of me at a party i have no recollection of, and my favorite picture of my neice

4/18 i have drinks with Carolyn of LAist at mussos and franks

4/19 six months before it came out, the busblog shows you the apocalypto trailer and link to the easter egg

4/20 scott mcclellan resigns, i spit on his grave

4/20 i get named one of LA Weekly’s 100 LA People

4/21 i invite my readers to check out what i wrote on Thought Mechanics about the FDA’s findings about marijuana (which Thought Mechanics has now removed)

4/23 i go to austin to see dan and sara’s wedding and dj the dance party

4/25 long long description of the dan and sara thing

4/25 long long exclusive interview with raymi le mnx

4/26 bruce springsteen does cover songs, gets a bad review on the busblog

4/26 a negative commentor dares filthy the busblog with his lies, pays dearly

4/27 people tell me what to see at coachella

4/28 yes our buzznet tent at coachella looked cozy but we got a lot done in there and it ruled.

4/29 day one at coachella

4/29 nice picture of perry farrell and friend in the vip tent

4/30 nice picture of me and lady sovereign

the year the busblog sold out

march 2006

3/2 lent. fuck lent. fuck fucking lent. wanna give something up for lent – give lent up for lent. better yet, give up catholicism forever. lent isnt in the bible. lent isnt even close to being in the bible.

3/3 i got a little thing i wrote in the austin chronicle

3/3 how to beat writers block

3/4 “people still think im their monkey. still!”

3/5 four things survey in which i said that i went to blogging.la every day

3/6 my true love’s last days in america before she headed off to africa for the peace corps

3/8 in which i apologize to my blog for working too much on buzznet stuff

3/8 a busblog experiment where we tried to sink michele malkin out of the top ten and launch crooks and liars above her. then, 3/8, she was at 10 and he was at 13, as of today, 12/24, malkin has dropped to 13 and c&l are at 11. you’re welcome.

3/9 mark edge tells me what shows to see at sxsw. including gogol bordello who was definitely one of the top three shows (gb, the go team, the bell rays)

3/11 first day of sxsw i meet leah who id been reading for five years and is way cuter and way cooler in person.

3/12 day two, i meet the texas roller girls who id end up spending a week with, and the cobrasnake took a picture of me working

and i got to see honky for the first time

3/13 day three met many people including craig from craigslist, dooce, and robert scoble

3/14 a nice picture of dooce, her husband, doc searls, and henry copeland

3/14 eating room service and reminiscing about the night before with oh so many roller girls

3/15 and thats why im drunk and its just about midnight and thats why i took a bigger leajk and thats why now im headed to the Red Bull House to see Goggogogol Bordellow and i understand a former singer of Janes addiction is going to be on the wheels of steel which is what they say in showbizznes is one night i wont soon remember.”

3/15 i meet whitney from usa today and she writes about the buzznet house the next day

3/16 i see peter case and the go! team both who were amazing

3/17 i see honky for a second time, gogol bordello, and of montreal, blog drunk for the third straight night

3/17 i see the grates, my chemical romance, and pretty in stereo. all really good.

3/18 while hanging out with the roller girls luke and owen wilson show up at our party and the blonde one gets pissed when i dare to take his picture

3/18 i see the bellrays at asher’s room 710 and they completely rule.

3/19 me and leah have lunner, then she gets hassled by the fuzz

3/20 on the tenth straight day of drinking and seeing bands i check out locals castle siege and fuckemos

3/20 33 1/3 things that i learned at sxsw. the third being that marc canter rolls good joints because that was somewhat expected.

3/21 i posted shittons of texas roller derby pics from the day before

3/22 after a day of being home im feeling a little depressed and a tad sick and LAist tells people to come and tell me its gonna be ok

3/23 the snakes on a plane buzz hits buzznet

3/25 i give v for vendetta a hundred stars

3/26 me and karisa see the hellacopters. i show the world my one pack.

3/27 mariah careys birthday = annual tribute of lust

3/30 ive been sick for two weeks and my ipod dies. whoa is me.