most of you who read matt good

know that he has a new blog. i think the over / under of different matt good blogs this year is 5.

yesterday in the comments he was asked about his exwife…

rilah: i know your recent writing has focussed on your loss (maybe even sense of betrayal, though i wouldn’t want to assume), but i wonder…negating the accountability question, if you could go back and change time and have never gotten married, would you?

matt good: I don’t think, at this point, given what’s happened this past year and what’s been revealed to me, that the question – “would I have gotten married knowing what I know” is applicable. To be totally honest, and I’ve had 12 months to think about this, I’d rather have never met her at all. I’d rather have never spent a minute of my life with her, and I know that sounds harsh, but it is unfortunately the truth and a position that I don’t ever see changing in my lifetime. That is a truly horrible conclusion to come to regarding someone that you were married to. But that presupposes that you actually knew them in the first place, and the truth is, having found out otherwise, and having been revealed true colours, I can’t honestly say that I ever did actually know her.

today is whit from ugly kid joe’s birthday

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two biggest bands that came out of santa barbara when i went to school there
ugly kid joe and toad the wet sprocket
youd never know how great the scene was by that little fact but there it is
its also a little weird that marco who played with tons of bands back then
is in a top 40 santa barbara band now, sugarcult
anyways, happy birthday whit, happy birthday iv

the truth about the matter

is that some of us are streaky. meaning some of us can knock out ten twelve paintings in a week. or read three books in a month. or get four girls in a row to say yes tony of course.

im on a little bit of a streak at my job. im also on a little bit of a streak at not my job. was, at least.

heres a new rule i will be making for the girls who say yes tony of course, from now on.

from now on they arent allowed to say that i cant write about it in my web log.

its hard enough steering the oceanliner of a blog during the 9-5 but to know that there are good tales to tell on the busblog and not be allowed to is outrageous.

im thinking i was a gentleman for 100 years. maybe theres no need to be a gentleman any more. whats the use?

10 years later the girls just say, shit i wish i hadnt made you delete all those pictures of me because i never looked that hot again

and you want to jump off a bridge.

because you did delete those pictures

because you are a gentleman

and now youre a fool if you do it again.

i want to go to vegas this weekend because i didnt get to go to ces and i didnt get to go hang with matt good and i dont think i will be able to go there for super bowl weekend and check out artie lange because i dont want to do anything that i didnt do last weekend when the bears barely won.

unfortunately theres a pair of teenage legs that i wont be inbetween this weekend unless something miraculous happens between tonight and sunday morn.

and theres a party for layne on saturday night and i seriously doubt she will want to go there meaning im screwed meaning the bears might be screwed too

meaning maybe i will go to vegas on superbowl weekend if the bears arent in it but i dont even want to think that way. this season has been so incredible and i cant even believe that i was at two of their games despite living nowhere near them.

yesterday my mom reminded me how good the readers of the busblog have been to me over the years and i should be more grateful of them and i said youre right.

its very difficult to write a blog when you know that your mom is reading. especially if shes very proper and polite and well mannered and couth.

because all you want to do is end your posts suddenly with phrases like

butt holes