yes, yesterday was an excellent day

im not sure ive yet recovered.

they say today is the saddest day of the year, but if youre a bears fan today is the best day of the year. today is the day you get to wear a bears tshirt or shirt or sweatshirt or hat

or rubber.

today was the last day of the euroteen so we drove around melrose trying to find the condom store cuz i wanted to see if they had any chicago bears ones.

negatory, as she says.

today i have to get the keg out of welch’s back yard, i have to book my hotel for sxsw, i have to answer a gazillion emails because ive been distracted, and i have to tell you about this dude in that video.

hes crazy. steve albini is into him. he basically created sufjan. hes a religious fantatic like i am. he can get people to stay years of their lives just hanging out with him.

he sings like the dude in that one band.

he will make you happy today.

stoke anti and LAist: digg this story anti did of interviewing a marijuana card holder