me and moxie were on the radio yesterday

internet radio. wave of the future. bringing back the past.

we were late because of a duo of crazy accidents on the 101 going north at 3:30pm

but as we did the show everything went great. but moxies friend steve just kept saying these things that were just so different from my reality of the world that i didnt really know what to say.

listen to the deal on the player, you’ll see. ours was the 8/9 MoxVox.

ah live radio gotta love it.

and i love moxie. baby, thanks for having me.

so afterwards we met the ceos of the company who does this and they want to do something with LAist like maybe give us a show or something and i think moxie wants me to do this with her next week so i promise to mellow it out a little and be not so hyper

but then this bonus happened. ok well mox picked me up at 3. we had to be in calabassas at 4. no prob. except while we were driving i realized that i hadnt eaten a bite of anything all day. probably cuz i wake up at 11am.

so i was starving when we got to the studio, we did almost an hour, i got to talk about matt goods record, we played Born Losers and talked about ron paul and weed and i was soooooo starving when we were done

and in comes a bag of mcdonalds. for us. as thanks for doing the show or something.

so unbelievable. and it was a grilled chicken sandwhich? how did they know?

but even better we’re talking to the one guy then the other and hes showing me a video camera hooked up thru an EVDO card like what i have for my laptop meaning you could broadcast video live or some shit

and we’re talking about how adrianne curry is on the station too and in she walks!

i extend my hand to shake it and she says my hand is all wet and im all yeah whatever im from chicago (i know shes from joliet cuz ive seen every episode of her tv show with peter brady) and insist on shaking her hand

someone gives her an angus burger and she sits down on the floor cuz i guess shes starving too and i realize everyone has chairs so i run out wheel in a chair and say here you go americas next top model

she was so funny you wouldnt believe it. and looks amazing. and apparntly got new boobs she was telling everyone about but moxie had to run so i was all, hey can we interview you next week at this time before your show and she was all fine. seriously not impressed with moi but whatevs, first being on the radio then seeing the future then meeting her

so rad, totally amazing, and i didnt have two things on me because as every girl who has ever had to live with me knows, it takes me exactly one million hours to leave the house because i can never find my wallet my keys my camera my phone my dick my something ipod stiletto eight foot bong something

because mox was driving i wanted to get baked on the way up there but i couldnt find a pipe and i wasted my getting ready time looking for that shit and forgot

my wallet and my camera

so sorry no pics of mrs christopher knight who im telling you couldnt be cooler.

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