mother teresa is on the cover of Time

and since im a magazine whore of course i got it today.

although let me interrupt this blog post with a message to any of my neighbors who just might read this blog.

one of your dogs shit on my stoop.

not the first step or the second step, but right by the door. a nice heap. the flies love whatevers in there.

and i hate you.

it baffles me what goes through the mind of a neighbor who lets their dog out in the middle of the night. do they think that fido just does a few laps around the courtyard and sniff the flowers and chase after shadows?

surely they know that their adorable pet is doing something outside that they dont want them to do inside. so why, once they come inside, dont the neighbors go outside to see the disgusting pile their companions have created?

our courtyard isnt that big.

but these people arent that good. and theyre more disgusting and rude than just letting their dogs crap wherever they please without picking it up,

when they do pick it up, they leave it in the scooper, even once the scooper is overflowing!

and seinfeld says who. are. these. people.

mother teresa is on the cover of Time magazine for one reason and one reason only, because she chose to follow the Catholic religion. one that says even though the bible never says that priests and nuns need to be celibate, The Catholic Church is going to pretend that refusing sex is going to make you a better servant to the Lord.

the cover story is about the new revelations that she possibly didn’t believe in God for decades.

what we have seen with the alarmingly high rates of unlawful and disgusting sexual deviance among Catholic priests, followed by the equally unlawful and disgusting practices by the likes of Cardinals and Popes to protect these child molesters

is that the Catholic church, by going against the word of God, have proved that normal sexual activity between adults is not only a good thing, but key to a healthy life as a human being.

mother teresa never got fingered in the back seat as an adult and it drove her crazy.

so crazy that it made her not only doubt God, but doubt Everything.

and because she was surrounded by people who had bought into the Catholic lie, she was trapped.

to have someone look you in the eye and tell you they love you

night after night.

and mean it day after day.

and when the two of you are able to explore every part of natural human existence

as trusting loving creative adults

then you will find rare treasures and proofs of God in a wide variety of areas.

but stymie that one area of the heart that leads to the one area of the body that the Catholics have tried to overrule God on, and you block one of the most important reasons to live.

if not life itself.

the Catholic Church, ironically, would not let Mother Teresa destroy the letters that reveal her serious doubts about God, and those letters will be published against her will.

its ironic because when i read her doubts, i hear the results of the failure of the church. that the more important you are in it, the deeper you dig into it, the more disturbed and lost the people are.

and obsessed that they are about children.

and reproduction.

heres something i believe.

i believe mother teresa is in Heaven. and i believe that Jesus is there and told her

you took the hardest path here. its ok that you had doubts. everyone does.

and i also believe the catholic church should be fucking ashamed of themselves.

just like my neighbors.

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