for my birthday i wanna see morrissey with flagrant

“That’s How People Grow Up”

I was wasting my time
Trying to fall in love
Disappointment came to me and
Booted me and bruised and hurt me

But that’s how people grow up
That’s how people grow up

I was wasting my time
Looking for love
Someone must look at me and
See their sunlit dream

I was wasting my time
Praying for love
For a love that never comes
From someone who does not exist

And that’s how people grow up
That’s how people grow up

Let me live
Before I die
No not me
Not I

I was wasting my life
Always thinking about myself
Someone on their deathbed said
There are other sorrows too

I was driving my car
I crashed and broke my spine
So yes there are things worse in life than
Never being someone’s sweetie

That’s how people grow up
That’s how people grow up

That’s how people grow up
That’s how people grow up

As for me I’m okay
For now anyway

i know last month i tried to own

the part of me thats a scorpio. and i know that since i was born on the cusp i am part scorpio but who are we kidding, unless you fuck me over and you force me to weild my hidden tail of hate, for the most part im a libra and i love the world and all i want is love peace and chicken grease which is why these playoffs are killing me.

all drama kills me. ironic i know when you consider who my undercover employer is but being in the xbi is a great way to avoid drama in your real life because that world is so unreal that you cant take it personally when someone tries to shoot you. you deserve it there.

heres how much i hate drama. i used to date the cutest girl youve ever seen. she would do all the things i loved. shed dress up in outfits, she was affectionate, she was smart, she could put her hair in any style and assume that role all night. loved it.

but her life was filled with so much drama that i had to tap out almost immediately. even if i didnt work for the xbi, wouldnt life throw us enough curveballs as it was? did i really need to have that creep into my sanctuary? my hidden lair?

home is where you go to lick your wounds after the M-F battle. its not where you have to strap in for emotional thrill rides. just put on that crazy wig and dance around the coffee table ho and stop fucking crying!

likewise baseball is supposed to be a casual event that you do in the summertime with your friends and maybe you pay enough attention to figure out of the ump has a tight zone or a loose one that day but thats about it.

to have the cubs in the playoffs. and having to face the likes of brandon webb. thats just too much emotion for me to deal with. and i have enough problems.

a true libra likes peace love freedom. thats it. i have a gigantic tv. soon i will get a bigger one. thats where the drama goes. i love gangsta rap. thats where more drama goes.

all i want in my life is for the girls to keep sending me dirty pictures in my email, and for the cubs to start winning games a million to nothing.

thats all.

i promise i will never be bored.