saddest news of the day ever

Days after making up with rapper Kanye West, legendary daredevil Evel Knievel has landed himself in the news once again, not for making an improbable stunt landing, but for doing something one day all of us regular folks are going to do. He died today in his home state of Florida at the age of 69.

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fucker was never supposed to die. he was my first and longest hero.

i guess the lord had some semis he wanted someone to jump for him.

today is danielle’s 25th birthday

there are many people who i miss, but danielle is one of the top 4.

currently residing in san dieger, one of my least favorite towns in the world, danielle is just about finishing up her masters in hotness.

when she was at E! she was a lifesaver.

people joked when she was hired by saying, oh yeah tony youre sure gonna love our new girl, and sure enough we hit it off immediately talking about books and poetry and bukowski and music and every day we ate lunch together and during our breaks we took pictures and at night we got naked and swam in the pacific and rode dolphins to the horizon and dried off in the sun.

lately we’ve been keeping in touch via facebook and phone and if she hadnt taken a trip up to frisco i would have totally driven down to san duhblahblah to party with her and watch her fashion show her many high quality outfits

but shes up north and all i can do is send my best regards her way

and thank the Lord for bringing her into my little universe, particularily when he did, because that job was so terrible and she kept me from the edges of tall buildings

and for that i will be forever indebted.

she has so much life in her heart and her eyes and her soul that her laughter is contagious and spirit is so beautiful

but the best part about her is she immediately trusted me, which is the greatest compliment anyone can give. its a gift that never ends and i love her.

happy birthday hippy girl with caviar tastes.


porn for blog editors

its 436pm i have been in my pajamas all day. you wake up as early as you can and you stay up as late as you can. and if something good happens you hope it happens some time when people can see it.

this morning rodney king got shot in the face.

minutes later the story was on LAist thanks to our News Editor

an hour after that our story was on the front page of digg, instead of MSNBC’s story or the LATimes’. why? because we presented it in a way that “the kids” wanted to see it. and we had video that the other two news organizations would never provide. one being the local news clip from KNBC, and the other being the video from the infamous night in 1991.

LAist is all about teamwork, communication, and blogging while at work. and being ruthless and about having the eye of the tiger and the nose for news.

God bless everyone at LAist, Digg, and this crazy thing called the web.

now i will take a shower, have a beer, and eat my first meal of the day.

its 3:23am on a wednesday night

and remember that college girl i complained about

well now i sorta miss her.

yes she was a pain in the ass, and didnt put out, and her head wasnt screwed on right, and she will probably break up with her dude as soon as she gets home, instead of breaking up with him BEFORE she came to my house. but life doesnt always turn out the way that you think it will

however, life sometimes turns out better than the way you think it will

which is why you shouldnt bitch so much because life would be so fucking boring if every girl just spread her legs for you as soon as you snapped your fingers.

today they didnt have rib tips at the Pantry so i got short ribs which i always forget are super fatty. whoops there i am bitching again.

ron paul was on the debates today and they kept cutting him off. they let romney talk as much as he wanted. and rudy. and wtf is Fred doing there, the guys got nothing and he seems to be aging with every second that hes up there.

and mccain seemed pissed about something, but i gotta say mr mike huckabee really did shine especially when they asked him Who Would Jesus Execute via the Death Penalty.

his answer: Jesus was smart enough not to run for public office.

its 330 and i miss her. i havent thrown away the ginger ale cans she drank out of. i havent put away her reduced fat Cheez-Its.

pain in the ass, but what isnt these days, especially as sweet as she was. everything has its price.

she called me from the airport crying and i said what are you crying about and she sniffed that she was sorry that the way things worked out and i try not to think about how girls look cuz its all a huge fake out but she always had the best clothes. not expensive, just things that were so adorable.

i know when you look at the weather for LA you see that it was 75 today but somehow it was a cold 75. cuz its warm for a few hours, if youre in the sun, but the mornings are cold and the nights are cold. its like an oreo of weather. so she had on this winter jacket with fuzzy faux fur around her hood and her face was a target for kissing in there and her cute little scarf was doing absolutely no good

but girls can just accessorize with the best of them

and i will miss her because her tears are right, i will probably never see her again.

which is why i probably wont throw away this diet coke can either

since her glitter lipstick is still hanging on to the edges

proof that all cheerleaders still exist. and someones still sorta got it.

plus i was half of a great interview.

congrats Matt!

Reason Magazine and Announce New Editors

Nick Gillespie moves to, Matt Welch takes over Reason magazine

Los Angeles (November 27, 2007) – After seven years as editor-in-chief of Reason magazine, Nick Gillespie is shifting his focus to Reason’s Internet content. Gillespie will direct and, which debuted in October featuring short documentaries hosted by The Price Is Right and Power of 10 host Drew Carey.

Matt Welch, a former Reason editor and author of the new book McCain: The Myth of a Maverick, leaves his post as assistant editorial page editor at the Los Angeles Times to take over as editor-in-chief of Reason magazine.

“ is the most exciting platform we’ve created yet in terms of demonstrating the ability of ‘free minds and free markets’ to create a world that routes around politics as usual and lets people pursue happiness in any way that’s peaceful. Between Drew Carey’s immense contributions and the other original content we are developing, is a great stage for showing all that is right – and wrong – in American politics and culture,” said Gillespie. “I’m absolutely thrilled that Matt Welch will be leading the print magazine into its next 40 years. There’s no better person to head up one of the few magazines that’s still dedicated to long-form journalism and that takes the world as its subject.”

Welch will be joining Gillespie in Reason Foundation’s Washington, DC, offices in January. The April 2008 issue of Reason magazine will be Welch’s first full issue as editor-in-chief.

“I’m excited to be handed the baton at a time when the future of the magazine and Reason Foundation has never looked brighter or more dynamic,” declared Welch. “Nick Gillespie and his staff – and their predecessors – have helped create a rare bird in publishing – a magazine about politics that’s actually interesting and unpredictable. At a time when Americans despise their elected leaders in record numbers, when party membership is declining all around and the only dark-horse presidential candidate generating anything resembling enthusiasm is a guy nicknamed ‘Dr. No,’ there’s never been a better time for Reason’s message of choice versus control, free thinking versus partisan water-carrying.”

“This is an unprecedented and pivotal moment for Reason Foundation, our supporters and our ideas,” said Reason Foundation President David Nott. “Drew Carey is hosting a video journalism series for us and has just joined Reason’s board of trustees. Nick Gillespie’s relentless pursuit of quality, thought-provoking journalism will take our websites to new heights. And as Reason magazine heads into its 40th year, Matt Welch brings a fresh perspective that will expand Reason’s status as a must-read for anyone interested in the political and cultural landscape of this country. This prepares us better than ever to help bring about change based on individual liberty, limited government and choice.”

– Reason Press Release 11/27/07 hyperlinks mine

rule number one of being an old man

dont let college girls over who arent drunk dont drink are just in town for the holidays and arent sure if they love their boyfriends WHO DONT EVEN GO TO THE SAME SCHOOL AS THEY DO

they might look super cute in their sweat shirts and sassy barrettes, they might kiss great and smell great and be super gentle when you least expect it

but they will keep you up till 5:39am playing the game of









ladies. rule number one of college is break up with Everyone – your high school true love your college true love your future ex husband EVERYONE

college is to learn three things

how to drink, how to fuck, and how to deal with red tape.

art history and essay writing can be taught in a week. everything else really does need years to develop so quit fucking around with your juvenile concepts of “love”.

genius poets, philosophers, bob dylan, sculpters, even Dr Phil have agonized for most of their lives trying to master the essence of love and you – without one single wrinkle on you – think you have found THE ONE at 20 yrs old – or even know what love is?


you dont even know the physics of a curveball and you think you can talk about love?

take off your shirt for pete sake and turn on the christmas lights.

just because somebody gets your thong wet when you think of him doesnt mean its love baby, trust me. i minored in wet thongs in college.

have a boyfriend in high school, have one when youre in grad school. college is the absolute WORST time to be attached.

plus why are you making out with tony pierce if you wanna talk about your bf all night? clearly your man is no tony pierce.

sometimes i wonder if the Devil sends his sexy demonettes up here to keep me from blogging.

well jokes on you fucker cuz lookie here, ITS A POST!

photo via Turkey Day 2000 when chickie was still in junior high. HA!

turkey day 2001 if youre cool with nsfw shit.