congratulations LAist!

one of my goals while running the coolest metro blog west of Manhattan was to get us into the Technorati Top 1000. then the goal was go get into the Top 750. for so long we were hovering around 690 and my goal was go get us in the Top 666. then i wanted to try to get it into the top 600.

when i left i think we were at 620 with a bullet. today, while waiting for my doorbell to ring i saw something that made me oh so happy. no not the long legs of tonights date, but the best number ive ever seen ever next to LAist ever. 584, bitches.

who knew that the missing link to success for that site was to get me out of the way? but the scoreboard doesnt lie and the kids have been working their tails off during the time that ive been away and so i congratulate them.

584 means that out of 100 million blogs there are only 583 other blogs that are more popular than LAist. quite a feat.

kudos to Zach, Lindsay and the LAist crew!

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