thanks for all your Ask Tony questions

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Hey Tony!

Greetz from Amsterdam! I KNOW you’re busy making the LA Times tasty for the blogosphere and stuff! But when might ya get a chance to visit teh magic kingdom again? (And when can I get added to your 2009 list?)

I have a few things I need to accomplish at the Times before I allow myself to get back to Holland. Further, in order to go i need to know that JaG will allow me to take her on a proper date. the last time i was there i believe there was some nonsense i had to work around in regards to her boyfriend or girlfriend or something. and then there was the matter of me hurling into one of the canals, etc.

as for getting added on the list, i promise to get caught up on that this weekend, so anyone who wants to get on that list who is linking the busblog, put your blog url in the comments and i’ll hook yr ass up

What’s the question you’ve been absolutely dreading or totally hoping for since starting this series but have not yet been asked? Ask it for me by proxy, and answer truly, you jackanapes.
Tonio K.

theres very little i dread or hope for these days. i just want a quiet neighborhood, reliable internet access, and good health. after nearly 7 years of having open, unmoderated comments on a better-than-average blog, i doubt that any question could throw me one way or the other. but i do like when the ladies say hi in the email.

what’s with all the dress shirts lately?

brothas gotta look sharp in the office. representing the entire blogosphere and what have you.

how late should i stay up partying with antidis and bigtanky this weekend?

the question isnt how late but how early. watch the sunrise over the real pacific my friend.

Are you going to come to my wedding? Do you like Italian girls? Do you like free booze?
Smelly Danielly

weddings make me cry, so probably not. i not only love italian girls but they were pivotal to my early development. angela romano gave me my first kiss, claudia depa was my prom date, and ashley bevilacqua taught me that i still hadnt learned it all. i hate free booze. i like overpaying for my vices.

Did you see Matthew Good’s blog about Keith Olberman? What did you think of it? What is your opinion on Matthew’s feelings about Kieth’s sign-off?

i like olberman, i think hes funny, and i like that he can get serious like this. but sometimes i think his special comments go on for too long. id tighten em up. sorta feels like sometimes he just likes to hear himself talk. takes one to know one, i know, but i think its interesting that a quasi anchor is taking aim at the president of the usa. certainly nothing youd see in more than a few countries.

as for using Morrow’s tag line, i dont see what the big deal is, its clearly a tribute and a reminder of a far different age in tv journalism that keith o would probably like to return to in some form. but the irony is half of the stuff he does on that show would never fly in the 50s. maybe matt can explain his problems with it if he hasnt already.

Are you going to get a Vin Scully blog going to replace Kareem the Bailer? Because THAT would be rad.

vin has contributed more than his fair share to the conversation of sports. although a blog would be great from someone like him, i wouldnt hold my breath.

what’s up with sksmith’s blog?. . .

SK now blogs for Wonkette where she is sorta the Babe o’ the Blog. so i think what she did was made the blog private so that her newly found fanboys would have a harder time stalking her. Hey Fellas: you can find her at Coyote Ugly at happy hour on 6th street M-F. duh!

I’ve recently been getting into Charles Bukowski. I know you say things like “Read anything and everything by him”, but I’m asking you to make some distinctions. What are FIVE items by Charles Bukowski that everyone, or just me, should read?
Michael (aka Azreal Darkskies)

the trinity is Women, Post Office, and Notes of a Dirty Old Man. i would add Factotum and You Get So Alone at Times That It Just Makes Sense. but really everything was/is terrific. swear.

Have you ever seriously or casually dabbled in any other art forms besides writing (ie. drawing/painting, designing, music)?

i played alto sax in grade school and junior high. drums in marching band in hs, i was the drummer of chopper one and the reluctant surgeons. as for art, i only paint watercolor on wood, like the bruce sutter deal on top there.

Would you ever consider doing a how to for twitter?

What’s the capital of Alaska?

Will dropping your name help me get a photographer job at the Times? and can i?

probably not. uranus? probably not. yes.

Can you finish the following sentence?

“When Obama wins…”


blacks and whites will make love in the streets. and the cubs will win the world series. amen

although we dont have Blogger of the Week

at the LAT, if we did, former LAist sports editor and now USC and UCLA blogger Adam Rose, would be a frontrunner for the kudos.

Adam has been covering the OJ Mayo story so well that ESPN (who broke the story about the teen hoops star who is about to go pro allegedly taking money and gifts before and during his Freshman year at USC) has had him on two of their shows as the USC sports expert.

you can read Adam on All Things Trojan and What’s Bruin every day on