two years ago yesterday i was fired at buzznet

even though for the last month that i was there i was vomiting every day and emotionally ill, when i was let go i was pretty much devastated. since i had been there i accomplished some ridiculous things over my eight months as community manager: millions of hits, over a half dozen parties in three different countries (with a budget of less than $500), thousands of photos, etc etc etc. so i never thought that i could be canned.

but life is a bizarre deal. and sure enough, despite my indisputable numbers, i was out. none of it made sense. least of all the fact that i was relatively unhappy in my job and bummed that i had been relieved of my duties.

theres a cheesy saying, though, that says “when one door closes another one opens”. and whattya know, just as i was trying to figure out what i was going to do with my newly found summer vacation (which i knew wasnt going to last that long because i hadnt made very much money over those eight months) carolyn kellogg was stepping down as editor of LAist. she sent jake dobkin and jen chung a link to this very blog, and less than two weeks later i was the new editor of that amazing blog.

i had gone from being totally unloved and vomiting and having to go to an office where i sat quietly and wasnt invited into meetings where i belonged to having my office be my couch. jen and jake actually meant it when they said that hits and quality was all they cared about and they left me alone to build whatever i wanted at LAist. they even let me do the one thing i had been trying to do for years – drive around america and write about it.

now here we are two years after being axed and im at the LA Times. in part because of not just what i was able to do at LAist but because of what i did at buzznet.

im not one who believes in luck. im not one who believes in divine intervention or karma or any of that crap. usually i simply believe in hard work and a little bit of prayer. but looking back over the last three years, especially what went down two years ago yesterday its hard not to believe that Good had a plan for me, professionally, which led to the unbelievable gig i have now.

which tells me that we should never give up on our dreams. we should never get too depressed about anything. and we should never stop trying even when it appears that those closest to us dont appreciate or respect what we’re doing. what we’re doing is growing. and sometimes we get transplanted at the exact right time in a place where we can really blossom.

one thing i would like to add: the day i got fired and wrote about it on my blog i got dozens and dozens of emails and comments. you have no idea how much all of that cheered me up. so thanks to everyone who was there for me when i was pretty much at my lowest. often i tell people at the Times that blogging has given me everything, and that day it gave me so much love when i felt so lousy. its one reason that i will probably never stop writing on this blog.

six years ago yesterday i got stung by a bee

karisa throws great parties if you’re a girl.

she swears that she doesnt really have that many girl-friends in LA but i think she does that on purpose. most of the parties that she and her hot roommate throw are what are commonly referred to as sausage parties or sword fights. 500-600 guys trying to impress karisa and becca.

both gals sent out invites at their workplaces, but of course, only the fellas attended. many of them recognized my name and said they read this blog, and for those lads, i say hello, and nice to have met you.

the only fight that i got into yesterday was with an insect and i barely won.

i got stung by a bee!

it was my first time ever.

i felt an itchy thing on my back and i reached for it and i felt a little sting and i saw the bee fly over my head and try to attack karisa. i said, “i think i just got stung by that bee.”

basart investigated and sure enough, bee sting.

i kept drinking my beer and looking at karisa.

im agent feels no pain, remember.

ken told her to get the tweezers.

there was much discussion about how to pull out the stinger without making the thing spread. i dont know what thing they were talking about, but basart is an expert at everything and this was one of the few times that it actually came in handy.

i drank more beer.

ken put an ice cube on the sting.

karisa quickly showed up with the tweezers and pulled it out painlessly.

i drank more beer.

she sat back down.

i looked at her some more.

no pain.

then ken saw the bee again, swatted it down fearlessly since it no longer had a stinger.

then he stepped on it.

when they all asked how i felt, i said, “a little buzzed.”

theres a few good things about dating the cougar

dont get me wrong.

for starters, she puts out. which is a plus.
girls a fraction yr age tend to overthink sex instead of doing.
sex is the last thing you should overthink.
overthink poetry or tolstoy or the stock market
overthink the shoes you wanna buy or how to bust a rhyme
overthink ways to write a headline
but sex is like being in the middle of a really nice prom
just dance.
preferably with who brung ya.
brought the cougar to the police at the hollywood bowl.
hollywood smelled.
first i thought it was her cuz shes not 19.
then i thought it was me because i took the subway to her place and cabbed it over.
then i thought it was the yuppies surrounding us on the benches
but if theres one useful thing about those people its they dont smell.
so then i thought it was me again.
elvis costello opened.
they had this huge stage and they packed elvis and his band in this tight spot
like they were commoners.
like they were Fastway opening for AC/DC
(cougar would get that one)
the yuppies stood in line for $8.50 heinekens and $6 merlot and missed e’s greatest hits
the sun set during Alison and Sting came out and sang with the king of america
it was pretty and cool and the cougar took my hand and i pretended like i wasnt feeling it
but why pretend. its not like youre fooling anyone.
police came out and did their greatest hits.
because im old as dirt and actually older than the cougar id seen them do this routine during my fourth concert ever.
(jackson five. acdc. scorpions.)
although stewart was on fire and andy shreded and sting can really play the bass well
and sing divinely
not everything ages gracefully
which is why we drank alot during the show
and why one of my eyes was on the mexican girl in the row ahead of us
who couldnt stop fingering her sidekick.

above, hall n oates at the troubadour last week, via stereogum