the audience is listening. and questioning

so lets do this

krista wishing she was watching nacho libre with me

Chuck asks: Loosely tied to your last post, What is the strangest dream that you can remember (yes, sleepy dream) as of late?

i really dont like sleepy dreams. i believe they are lies told to our souls when we are at our most vulnerable. if you have a bad dream and you wake up you have been robbed of peace and shaken in the morning. if you have a good dream and wake up you have been teased by nonsense and forced back into reality in the morn. therefore i have trained my body not to dream while asleep, and instead dream while awake. sometimes through this very blog. i feel like that is better for ones well being.

i havent dreamed lately. blessed be. however i do remember my last dream. i dreamed that i was flying above malibu in a metal suit to the pixies song “tonys theme”.

zona wonders: okay, think of the leap from buzznet to LAist, then from LAist to L.A. Times. think of them as steps up, each more meaningful than the last and answer me this. in order to eclipse the previous step where would you have to go from the level you’re on now jobwise?

ucsb publications director. a position currently held by jerry roberts. or cubs manager if sweet lou cant win it with this amazing team.

Keira-Anne says, I have two questions, both related and equally gay: 1) So, it’s Friday night and Bill and Ted zap into your living room in their phonebooth and tell you to come along. You get to choose anywhere in history, so which time period had the hottest and most bone-able babes?; and

2) You guys have to stop in at the Circle K to meet up with Rufus and grab slushees, so what’s your choice of liquor of choice to mix with?

you really should have been to coachella this year. this is the time and the place if you are looking for those things. with facebook and myspace you can “network” with pretty much the entire world. and i dont think anything is better than todays fashions, thanks american apparel. i do, however think, that canadian women are a tad more willing to try new things, which is why i wouldnt ask for that phonebooth to go back in time, but *to* a certain locale.

im a rum drinker, when im not taking shots of makers mark or jose cuevro or sipping baileys.

ashley slipping into something a little less comfortableMike finally asks a good one: How many all stars are the Cubs going to send to Yankee Stadium this July?

the cubs have eight players batting over .295 (nine if you count Zambrano) and one of them is not the guy with the $147 million dollar contract, so he is pretty much the only one who shouldnt get to go. derek lee has 13 homers. fukudome is the rookie of the year. kerry wood could be the best closer in baseball right now. Zambrano has 7 wins and a 2.33 era. the riot is leading the cubs in hitting and stolen bases (9).

even though the cubs have the best record in baseball, and this is the 100th anniversary of the last time they won the world series, i bet you only zambrano and lee will represent the best team in the game.

ashley* rubs it in: dear tony, are you heartbroken now that i’m married? haha jk jk jk.

dear tony, is your apartment still as messy as it was 6 years ago?

dear tony, why do you think every guy i’m attracted to is gay?

dear tony, when are you going to start dating girls in your age bracket?

deeply, pretty much, cuz most of them are (dont lie), when im in an old folks home.

Duane Storey who now hosts the busblog, thanks Duane, queries: Dear Tony – do you think the new Hulk movie is going to suck?

ed norton has a pretty good track record. i like this trend of having really good actors as superheros. therefore i think it will be really good.

4rilla passes and alley-oop: NBA Finals. Pure nostalgia. Let’s have your pick. Celts in 7.

yr dreaming. the celtics peaked about three months ago. meanwhile the lakers nearly swept the defending champs, only letting them win once in their own building.

there is a rush on brooms here in LA cuz everyone knows the lakers are about to sweep garnett and his fellow ladies in green.

gage is canadian so she puts extraneous but cute U’s in words: is it age that makes you a cougar or behaviour? I always thought it was age + behaviour…I’m confused.

youre right. cougar is a state of mind. also and application of makeup. i call the cougar the cougar for many reasons, most of which relate more to the age of the women i normally date, not much having to do with her, really. shes good people.

Dan asks two easy ones: if kurt cobain were alive today, do you think he would be blogging? And if so, what do you think he would’ve blogged about in regards to the shoes?

kurdt would be rocking. although he kept a lot of notebooks and journaled a lot, i dont think he was the type who made those ideas available to the public the way courtney did through kurdt was more traditional rocker, those words were private. which is why i bought Journals but i never read em.

i think he would have shot those shoes. he wasnt a sellout.

panajane is sweet: Dear Tony, I have no question for you, but wanted to wish you a nice weekend.

muchas gracias chica!

top photo of krista via oceanaria, pic of ashley slipping into her wedding dress via her lj