im bummed

my life is horrible. i was supposed to see rock band Weezer at the nissan live sets at the fox lot tonight with the lovely karisa, pictured, right. but they moved the show to this afternoon. and only if i was still the editor of LAist would i have my afternoons totally available.

sadly i work for the local paper and we are launching a big new blog tomorrow so not only do i have to be here but i probably hafta be here late.


i just wanted to see the weeze.

and yeah it wouldnta sucked to have seen em with karisa and then ate steaks or shrimp

or surf n turf.

my life blows. i hate it. i wanna move back to afghanistan.

i wanna fly back to planet zip.

hope of the zippos

which inspired the lighters of the same name.

because they were like hippos but lighter.

so light they could float in space.

and dunk when they played znba hoops.

now i hafta train people how to blaawwwwwwg.


i also hate that not too many people commented on my first day of summer photo essay below.


ok im done now.

also the cubs swept the stinky sox all over the place so im feeling good about that.

and its nice and cool in my office and the ac blowing on my bald head is comforting.

and i have you and the world famous busblog.

so who needs rivers.


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