my mom wants my iPhone

but i wanna get her a new iPhone

shes all, no you should have the new one, i just want yours cuz i know it works.
im like, no no, the new ones only cost $199, so its not a big deal for me to get you a new one and i dont know if its a lot of effort to transfer phone numbers over and all that.

plus, i said, you dont want my porn.

my mom was all, yeah, i dont want that.

little does she know you cant store porn in an iphone… easily.

the truth of the matter is my lovely mother has a hard time accepting gifts. shes great in giving gifts. she will make you toilet paper cozies. she will go to Kohl’s and buy you a silk shirt. back in college when i needed her to write me a check to help me pay the rent, no prob. but teller you want to buy her a little phone so she can enter the modern world – drama.

funny, really. and i guess i have the same problem with receiving. it’s hard.

when i was a lad i went to this day camp in the woods. it was a church run camp. they had all these brothers running the place. thank God they didnt touch us because they could have cuz it was in the woods and most of the kids were poor and black so who would have believe us.

anyways in one of the bible study classes one of the brothers asked us if we believed in Heaven. almost all of us raised our hands. but we were dumb kids taking bible study instead of playing basketball. clearly there was something wrong with us. but the brother said, thats good but a lot of people in the real world Don’t believe in Paradise. in fact only 1/3 believe in Jesus – who is the epitome of Heaven.

a kid asked why that was.

and the brother said, because people have a very hard time accepting Good, therefore accepting God is nearly impossible.

later that day i saw a 10 year old kid slam dunk. it was a pretty magical camp.

speaking of writing a lot

a lovely woman felt motivated by something i said at a thing i had to speak at. one in which, if i remember correctly, i was very nervous at.

Writing Everyday

“If you think you are a good writer, write every day,” blogs editor Tony Pierce said not too long ago at a local Ed2010 networking event in April.

Pierce also added, “If you think you are a great writer, write twice a day.”

These two sentences have stayed with me over the past few months. Almost every journalism organization or group will have at least one panel discussion, seminar, etc., a year about why journalists should be blogging. But Pierce’s reasoning makes the most sense to me.

Others tend to focus on the associated technology of linking, tagging, etc., and the luxury of writing about anything you want. Then, even if everyone was doing it, why would anyone want to read my thoughts on a daily basis?

The thing is it isn’t about you the prospective Sara Shereen Post regular reader. It’s about me.

read Sara’s entire post here

bree does america

my former cohort bree is doing a beautiful job blogging from the road on the warped tour. last year they tried to get some pink haird chick to do it in some fancy car, but the truth of the matter is if you want blogging done you needs to get a blogger.

bree is a consummate blogger, she loves the power pop/punk that fills the stages of warped. shes young, fun and hot, so she fits right in, but most of all shes a super hard worker so there arent excuses like omg my battery died or omg there was no wifi. she makes it happen and because of that we have a very good idea of what life is like on the road with Warped.

so check out her great photos and vids.

all photos by bree (who is pictured in the upper right with the dude)