this is me feeling old

when i was a kid there wasnt any sort of music or dance craze that i couldnt get behind.

other than anything on Solid Gold.

but as i have gotten older i seem to hate more and more music: Coldplay, John Mayer, Phish, new Radiohead, new Beck, Jack Johnson, etc.

there are some exceptions to that list, like *some* of their tunes might be passable, but theres one type of music i cant stand, even a little: techno.

thus when i read something about a new dance called Tecktonik (a.k.a. Tektonik), as described in this post on Soundboard, it makes me wretch.

Is it dancing? Is it music? Is it worthwhile? Isn’t it so bad that it’s even hard to take seriously? Who couldnt swing their arms around like that? Who couldnt get a series of synthesizers to make such annoying noises?

Are the drugs today that good?

Clearly they must be.

ever been so busy that you forget about the busblog?

i know, me neither.

k, today ive been working on our newest blog Hero Complex. have you noticed that Hollywood and video games and tv are a little obsessed with comic book heroes and graphic novels? us too.

in fact one of our best writers, Geoff Boucher gets to meet people like Martin Scorsese and the Stones, gets flown out to the UK to meet Harry Potter, gets to fly in Dexter of the Offspring’s russian Mig. When Coachella wants to tell the world who is gonna be in their lineup they call Geoff first. when george lucas wants to show off Skywalker Ranch to one lucky person in the press, that person is Geoff.

geoff appreciates all of that, but secretly he is a huge comic book geek. even though he has a lovely wife and two kids, somehow hes been able to keep his stash of 10,000 comic books. so when i learned that he wanted to lead a comic book blog i was all, nah.

jk i was all hell yeahs. he even had a great name for it, Hero Complex. so we got the blog together, we got some people who Geoff is close with to also write on the blog, and today i talked with your pal and mine Christie St. Hottie to help out and yesterday we launched the blog, complete with some exclusive interviews with some big stars, most interestingly David Duchovny of the X-Files. Geoff asked David if X-Files was bigger in some people’s lives than God, and David said that X-Files is equal to God.

next week geoff will be moderating several panels at comic-con, which is the superbowl of comics and scifi conventions. one of the panels he will be running is one with Eva Mendez, Sam Jackson, and someone else, i think Scarlett Johansson. so this week was a great time to launch this puppy so that the kids might be reading it before Comic-Con or once theyre there Geoff can say yo yo, check out my thing, yo.