is the Hero Complex at Comic-Con?

in such a big way it’s pretty much the hottest thing of our 43 blogs. yes Gawker, we have 43. i know, omg.

we just got some video by Jevon Philips who interviewed Joss Whedon, above, and Eliza Dushku, as well as many others.

my favorite post so far has been this one from the Lost panel.

do i wish i had been down there this week and this weekend? yes. am i glad i was in LA to handle business from the mothership? heck yeah. infact my truest has hit LA and tomorrow she and jeanine and i will all re-unite like we did when we went to the famous art show.

and if we’re lucky we might even sip from a bottle of red wine that chris and i got in madrid during y2k that we wanted to bring back for jeanine but never got a chance to devour with her.

anyways enjoy the hero complex coverage of Comic-Con where you will also see some cameos by your favorite torontoian not named raymi sass fil pitt or carrie

a year ago today i was in beautiful vancity

for my summer vacation

its hard to believe that it was just a year ago because so much has happened since then.

but oh the things that happened while in canada…

i met so many people who i had only read online… i got to see fireworks from several different countries. i got to drink beer while walking through a park.

i got to truly experience eating poutine after a long night of drinking and after watching a well dressed canadian urinate right in the middle of a classy sidewalk.

i got to play drinking games with a dutch girl and a local babe until the sun came up.

i got to eat so much sushi that i finally got it about sushi, so i went back for more and more. i also got it about sake. and about the difference between good sushi and meh sushi.

i got to meet keira-anne for the first time, who was single then and somehow amazingly still single now. we saw the simpsons movie on a beautiful afternoon and later drank and drank.

i got to write part of a new novel, i got to take a break from editing LAist, i even got to take JaG for her first visit to a Denny’s.

not real sure what more i coulda done in canadah. even experienced a garbage strike, even partied with hells angels, even drank with irish girls at the cambie.

vancougar youre still in my heart. it was perhaps the best summer vacation i ever had as an adult. and i hope the next 12 months are as exciting as the last 12 have been for me, and hopefully for you too.


it’s good to see our buddy matt good having fun on stage

i really wish i could have caught one of the full-band shows for hospital music. although it was great to hear your favorite son debut his tunes solo in that little hut in vegas, and then again at massey hall in TO, it would have been nice to see him rock out with the full band out if only for the funny interplay – as seen in this camera phone footage of apparitions.

one thing to cell phone videographers and hand held video journalists: take it easy on the zoom. pick a shot, stick with it. when the solo comes feel free to zoom, but then zoom back out when the solos over. its not a hard practice. you can even do it wish a molson in yr hand.

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