had a hot date

w/ a hot girl yesterday

very interesting whenever i meet someone who is an avid reader of the busblog because they always have the hardest questions. last night i was grilled harder than my chilean sea bass, and as far as i know i ended up just as blackened.

all went well and she let me kisser neck at The Woods which i thought would end the interrogation, but it only led to harder, more indepth questioning.

so i went for the bare shoulder.

the woods used to be the lava lounge where tsar and others played way back in the day. i like what theyve done with the place. tidied up a bit. cleaned some of the tack off the walls and ceilings, removed the mirrors. added some wood.

sorta reminded me of a mini, newer, bigfoot lounge.

when you order, say, a gin and tonic, and a rum and coke, they put them in these pint glasses which youd think would help your chances when you are being barraged with the. most. personal. questions. ever

but all it seems to do is make the prosecution less inhibitive.

which was fun, for once.

the jukebox played a steady stream of london calling, beasties, tom petty, tom waits, but the saddest was having to endure michael bubbier add nothing to moondance.

drover home, kissed her hand and sped off into the hollywood night with a promise of a second date.

it’ll be interesting to hear what questions come out of her pretty mouth on that day.

tonight, however, brian wilson on a small stage on the fox lot, with chris.

then maybe some sushi afterwards. who knows.

ps. the detour fest looks amazing. and a block away from my work.