hi blog

hi tony, why are you all dressed up?


hell if i know. getting married?


it’s christmas?




you’re selling me to buy the cubs?

dude, it’s your birthday!

it is?

it is!

wow! how old am i?

i’ll give you seven guesses.

get out.



totally! busblog, happy birthday. without you Lord only knows what id be doing right now. odds are i wouldnt be working at the LA Times running all their blogs.

i wouldnta been written about in newspapers around the world, i wouldnta been the subject of tv interviews in the US including G4TV (.avi), and interviewed by the French equivalent of 60 Minutes called Envoyé Spécial. not to mention interviewed by the New York Times and quoted pretty heavily in the Washington Post. although my favorite was when the LA Times in 2003 first noticed this little thing.

no way would i have helped coin the phrase “Blook” with help of Jeff Jarvis. or would i have been in the position to write the first two blooks: “Blook” (2002) and “How to Blog” (2004). nor would that word have been runner up for the Oxford Word of the Year in 2006 and i bet Lulu probably wouldnt have an award called the “Blooker Prize” where the winner of the best blook of the year gets ten grand(!).

without the busblog theres no way i woulda gotten an ipod for free, no way would i have been interviewed by LAist and then hired by them to blog for a living, and without the busblog theres no way i woulda gotten a car solely from the donations of the readers here and the subsequent road trip around the country (and canada).

no way would the dutch government have sent me to amsterdam to blog about it if not for you, the busblog.

no way would i know all the cool kids in canada if not for the busblog

and no way would i have been able to say to the readers, hey give me money, and then received enough in less than a month to fly to aruba and back if not for this lil bloggy

no way would anna kournikova, mariah carey, clipper girl, clipper girl’s cousin, and the wide variety of young women way out of my league have flown to hollywood to meet me, see me, and ravish my out-of-shape bod, if not for the busblog

but most of all theres no way i would have been as happy as ive been over these last seven years if it wasnt for the crappy job i had on wilshire boulevard which led to me discovering ev williams little creation which allowed me to fantasize about the superhero life that turned out in many ways to become reality.

all under the guise of nothing in here is true.

thank you busblog for making reality so much better than fiction.

happy blogday.

photo by mermaniac via flickr

subject: Are you back from camping?

Hi Tony. Hope all is well with you. Are you back from camping? Did you all have a great time? Did everyone come?

I don’t know why I ask all of these questions because you will answer with few words!!

Did you see the Cubs last night? I got stuck at work until 8:30 P.M. because of the HORRIBLE storm. I think I heard there were over 50K strikes of lightening.

Tornado sirens sounded in Itasca though it was hard to hear them. The lights went out a couple of times. But I couldn’t get to my car because it was raining so hard. I should have taken a picture of where we had to stand. If there had been a tornado, the big metal water pumps that we were standing near would have killed us.

Love ya.

+ + + +

Hi Mom,

yes im back from camping. yes it was fun. almost everyone came. of the missing were Linda and her little daughter, chris, james, and a few others. but we accounted for most of the lake. it was super fun.

i did see the Cubs game. it was on ESPN and thanks to the rain delay i was able to see the lightening strike on the friendly confines shortly after getting home.

why do you live out there, again?

the next time im back home i will crank up the volume of the Itasca sirens. someone seems like slackers out there. maybe the ones in medinah would be louder.