karisa just did a mini triathalon

and wants more – an exclusive interview

me: still alive?

Karisa: i am!!!

me: good! congrats!

Karisa: thanks! 🙂 it was really hard
the ocean was awful. i got stuck in it for awhile
they had to pull a lot of people out! but i made it in
had a really good bike, slow run though
but it was great practice for the la tri!
i am tired though! woke up at like 3:30a.m.

me: i was just going to bed then!

Karisa: as people should at that time. people should not get up then!

me: what were the lengths of this mini tri?

Karisa: 1/4 mi swim, 20mi bike, 3.1 mi run

me: amazing

Karisa: haha- not really. eye opening though
my poor friend kim got a flat tire!

me: that’ll teach her for being poor! only the rich should tri

Karisa: ha ha 😉 i can’t wait to do another one so i know what to do correctly

me: ok im bloigging this cuz youre obvs delirous

Karisa: hahah- huh? why so? the la tri is LONGER
that is going to be nutso: 1mi swim, 22mi bike, 6.2 mi run
i hav e alot of work to do! i can do much better than what i did today
i ate/drank too much and got too nauseous for the run
have to balance that out better
it was funny- they wrote our age on our leg for some reason for the race
so you could see how old the people you passed/passed you were

me: wtf!? just to rub it in?

Karisa: haha- i know!
well- it was to make sure you were in the right ‘wave’
we went out in waves. i was wave 7. i passed a 77 year old dude though!!!
which is so great! can you imagine? 77!!!he was so rad

me: damn gramps!