LA Times exclusive

: Donald Trump will bail out Ed McMahon

Mega-developer and TV personality Donald Trump has agreed to buy Ed McMahon’s Beverly Hills house for an undisclosed amount and allow McMahon to continue living in it. Details of the deal are still being ironed out, but Trump’s interest is regarded as an act of benevolence.

“I don’t know the man, but I grew up watching him on TV,” Trump said in an exclusive interview with The Times.

McMahon, 85, was facing foreclosure within two weeks on his Beverly Hills home of 18 years. The aging television icon, who was Johnny Carson’s sidekick for three decades, defaulted on $4.8 million in mortgage loans with Countrywide Financial Corp. He said in interviews that he was unable to work because of a neck injury that occurred about 18 months ago.

read the whole story here yo

went to this super cool art show

slash pop up store slash movie hype event on 6th street downtown last night with my homegirls from metromix.

people talk trash about downtown LA and how dirty it is and how it smells like fresh pee and how the vermin roam and how the homeless harrass and how the heroin isnt as good as it used to be and how the loft spaces are too much even for the hipsters and how its not new york no matter what we try to do.

and most of that might be true but i gotta say this about it, at least its a taste of new york in our weird little petri dish of paradise, and new york cant say that they have a piece of LA in manhattan.

i gotta say it IS nice to walk 7 blocks and pass a lot of interesting things and be around tall buildings and smell interesting foods and see a mixed variety of cultures. it IS nice not to have to worry about where you parked. and it IS nice to see kick ass art, hear hip hop, eat free tacos, and see some bad ass mamacitas in tattoos and bleach blonde hair pose next to stand ups from the new pacino / deniro movie and be able to do it in a space thats bigger than a bread box.

new york has many things but it doesnt have lots of elbow room. it doesnt have the greatest weather of all times. and it doesnt have palm trees in the middle of nowhere.

plus it doesnt have me.

it was a free bar it was free convo it was free meeting with new people including this black girl from CAA who looked just like the singer of The Go! Team and i wanted to teller that but i didnt. i dont know why. do people like being thought about as looking like someone? ashley loved it. i didnt.

cougar texted me right as i was leaving the deal. “wanna snack”? she asked. we have this deal that she brought up, actually. she said she didnt wanna have any sex until we both got tested. i told her repeatedly that she was the only one i was getting with but for some reason she thinks that some of whats in here is true so i was all cool with me.

so when i replied letting her know that i had munched on free carne asada she just called me. some people hate texting. especially the older gen.

“are you avoiding me?”


“why cant we just hang out then?”

cuz you know we wont just hang.


this was your master plan, baby.

“loud sigh.”

tell you what, text me tomorrow after you made an appointment with your doc.

“tell YOU what, tony, why dont you CALL me after you made an appointment with YOUR doc?”

which tells me alls not perfect in my little petri dish of paradise neither. which is just business as usual in the land of dreams.