happy sunday. cubs are tearing the cover off the ball.

and its time for the answers of axe tony

Jorge: Greetings from Spain, Tony. I have a question for you. Are we all NUTS?

yes we are all nuts. all of us. you me the president the next president the president of nbc who even on a saturday decided to make those of us on the west coast wait till 11pm to watch history, cub fans, sox fans, those who believe that true love will prevail, those who believe in rock, christians, atheists, those who dont buy smokey and the bandit trans ams because they dont have airbags, super hot babes who dont get aids tests, youngsters who dont use condoms Every time, people who work out every day, people who dont work out every day, those who eat too much, those who think that its better to live to 100 even though everyone knows those last 20 years are filled with death and pain and suffering and misery and loneliness and misunderstanding and ageism, those who make “chinese eyes” and think that because many in their nation think that thats not racist that the world wont think its racist, and those who think that because things are offensive in their home country they must be racist everywhere else. yes we are all crazy and thats one reason im glad that god let me live here. i fit right in.

Matt Welch: Finish this puzzle: What The Replacements were to the ’80s, and what Pavement was to the ’90s, ________ is to the aughts.

Tsar. truly underrated. too talented for the masses. good loud but best when being subtle.

Alys: Which do you consider to be the most influential year in music ever? Which decade?

The year is easy – 1980. Check out these albums that were released in the US during that 12 month period: Back in Black, The River, Dirty Mind, London Calling (US), Women and Children First, Zenyatta Mondatta, Saved, Sandinsta!, Black Market Clash, Los Angeles, Emotional Rescue, Get Happy, Boy, Boys Don’t Cry, Heartattack and Vine, Glass Houses, British Steel, End of the Century, Double Fantasy, Ace of Spades, Freedom of Choice, Scary Monsters, Love Stinks, Remain in Light, Heaven and Hell, Hi-Infidelity, Empty Glass, I Just Can’t Stop It, Just One Night, Absolutely Madness, Blizzard of Ozz, The Blues Brothers soundtrack, Decline of Western Civilization soundtrack, The Jazz Singer soundtrack, The Rose soundtrack, Fame soundtrack, 9 to 5 soundtrack, Urban Cowboy soundtrack, Xanadu soundtrack, Flash Gordon soundtrack, Making Movies, Kings of the Wild Frontier, Memories, One for the Road, Crimes of Passion, Departure, Flesh + Blood, The Game, Head Games, Paradise Theatre, Paris, Permanent Waves, The Romantics, Iron Maiden, INXS, Mekons, Suicide, Pretenders, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, The Psychedelic Furs, Tangerine Dream, On Through the Night, Panorama, Seventeen Seconds, Uprising, Wild Planet, and Paranoid Time which was the first recording of The Minutemen.

I’d say the best decade was the ’80s as well, because that’s when all my most recent girlfriends were born.

Dan: is there any chance that you’ll still go to the concert I recommended in October, even though you didn’t take to that Cd I sent (yet)??

nope. i like rock music. i like devil music. i like music that breaks down boundaries, reaches into my soul, shows me my heart and shoves it back in the bones built in me. if im gonna give any scandinavian music my precious time its going to be swedish metal, not dreamy music to float to sleep by.

tina: what do you do (other than blog) when you just can’t get to sleep???

im a million years old. i can fall asleep in 3 minutes under any circumstance. i can fall asleep during a russian invasion, i can fall asleep while a visitor is watching porn, i can fall asleep as a girl in nothing but cowboy boots cries because she thought she was pregnant and thought it was mine but i wouldnt return her calls. rarely do i blog while falling asleep. but if i really had to fall asleep and for some reason i dont, i read joyce carol oates.

keir: What’s your initial verdict on Manny as a Dodger? If you’ve already said so, sorry that I missed it.

i have written about manny before, but its ok if you missed it, i realize this blog isnt very user friendly. i love him. he’s the only reason i would go to dodger stadium if they werent playing the cubs. hes the reason why dodger fans will actually use their season tickets. and he is the reason why the dodgers will actually have some butts in the seats before the fourth inning.

Sharp (aka Azreal Darkskies): What’s your favourite mixed drink? Have you ever drank whiskey from a tea cup?

it depends on the time of day. in the morning a screwdriver, at brunch mimosa, at lunch rum n coke, at linner jack n coke, at dinner a long island ice tea, in vegas an amaretto sour, and after hours a neat baileys. we dont have tea cups in hollywood. we have the lips of near virgins.

Phaedra: when you are chillin’ in your pad, do you wear shoes, flip-flops, socks, or the good old bare foot?

i had very bad athletes foot when i was a lad, so my feet are quite sensitive. currently im barefoot because im typing you from my living room which has a relatively new oriental rug. when i walk around my house i use adidas plastic sandals. if i am going to be in sandals for more than a few minutes i put socks on first. looks dorky but my feet will sweat in sandals for some reason. if my house was wall to wall carpet i would be barefoot all the time. however in the sack i like to wear socks, which freaks out the ladies at first, but they get used to it.

The Holywriter: Who do you think Obama should pics as a VP?

al gore. hands down. the environment is the biggest emergency the planet should concern itself with, in my opinion. so i would like to see the former vice president return to his old job and complete the unfinished business. also, if you think about it, if the right had their own al gore, you know he’d be mccains running mate. i dont know why the left would avoid such a simple solution. however the left havent made many smart decisions in the last decade so i dont expect them to make a smart one in this matter either.

jessica: what is ashley’s husband’s reaction to your occasional posts involving her? is he wishing you’d just forget it already? have you met him? etc. etc.

ive never met him but ashley is a pretty easy to read person, plus she and i have remained friends. i know that if he was uncomfortable with what i write here or how i portray her, she would have told me by now. shes many things but shes not shy and she freely gives me her unasked for opinions all the time.

furthermore, like many young women, ashley loves attention. and also, she was an important part of this blog. i would think that it would be more controversial if i suddenly stopped writing about her or using her pics. i havent stopped writing about any of my former girlfriends. and i certainly havent stopped writing about any of my friends. i dont know why things would or should be any different with the daisy princess.

plus if i hadnt broken up with ashley when i did, she probably wouldnta been introduced to her old man and they wouldnt be married now. so if anything bro should love me.

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