isnt my favorite thing beautiful?

no not ashley, and how dare you call her a thing. sheesh.

im talking about my old directv dish. the one i had on my front porch for so long. the one i traded in for an hd directv dish that they installed on the side of my home. the one that right now is bringing me 1080i images “live” from the beijing olympics in china.

that thing.

the thing i love almost as much as i loved ashley.

the thing i love almost as equal as i loved my true love.

the thing that i love almost as much as i love my beloved chicago cubs, who, by the way are on such a freaking tear right now its scary.

i got that dish back in like 97. my man mike hickey installed it on our apartment on haight street and soon after he and i went into business installing those dishes. for big bucks. well it was big bucks for us.

but mostly it was freedom.

me and mike drove all around the bay area installing dishes and freedom to people in big houses, little houses, mobile homes, and trailers.

later it was me and solomon doing the installs.

so fun. so crazy sometimes. and at $50 an hour cash, so worthwhile.

eventually i quit cuz i wanted to catch the dot com wave, but i always have had a warm spot in my heart for directv, it has always been a center part of my home, mostly because it delivers digital picture and sound of things cable cant give me: cubs baseball, bears football, and now tons of hd programming.

today a former chief of favorite thing has just been named publisher of my favorite job. thats right, the LA Times has a publisher.

his name is Eddy Hartenstein and you can read all about him on a certain news site.

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