its friday its ask tony

and im sorry im just getting this up right now

time flies so quickly. its already time for people on the east coast to go home. its already time for people in TO to wash their cars before their hot dates. and its almost time for my peeps in Chicago to vacuum out their back seats before heading to the drive in.

i was just being interviewed by this lovely woman with a video camera and a tripod and some hot lights. she asked me about, what else, blogs. whats real on the busblog, whats fake. why do i do it? how did i get popular, why do girls chase me, why do companies hire me? it went on for an hour and a half. questions. answers. i was sweating even though it was at my house.

the whole time i kept thinking, yeah this is fine but can i get back to blogging now? yeah this is great but can i do Ask Tony now? sex drugs rock talk is great but can i go back to editing the unbelievably great Olympic blog now?

as i talked my phone would vibrate with each new work email and one of them was, hey Carolyn’s piece about her broken iPhone made it to the front page of Digg. as i talked my burger king chicken sandwich got colder. as i talked she read her questions from a piece of paper and i spoke to the faceless audience and i realized that im the luckiest man in the world because i have a real audience, you, and you are precious.

so thank you, you. no one would be talking to me, no one would be paying me, no one would be missing you, if it werent for you, the busblog audience of real live people who are the foundation of everything. i heart you all. i invite you to ask me the good questions and i will answer them.

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