the questions for ask tony were decidedly, um hot, it appears

must be the canadian heatwave. lets do this.

Keira-Anne: Tony, what’s your secret to ssssssexiness?

for guys: be funny, confident, brave, and be a good listener. for girls: be positive, femnine, and dont be afraid to piss off the other ladies in the room by the length of your skirt.

Sarah: What’s sexier: playing hard to get or laying everything out on the table?

when i was in high school there was a girl who was way taller than me, way -lets say… thicker – than me, but she had the prettiest eyes and would always call me cutie. “when is cutie tony gonna take me to the rocky horror picture show” shed sigh as shed walk past my locker. that stuff works. still does because letting the other person know youre interested is just one of the first parts of the whole deal. you still have to see how everything else goes. but you never get to that part till both parties know that its on.

Anonymous: Tony, Science Blog has long linked to you!

and im very grateful to ben and his posse. scienceblog not only is a tribute to bens sticktoitness (its one of the oldest science-based blogs on the web) but its proof that the santa barbara mafia is far more wide reaching than what most people even think.

raymi: teeny pitiful peener OR humongously wide-set vagin’er?

some say the best bloggers have both. is that your hidden secret raymi? 🙂

Mike: What’s the meaning of life?

42, duh. why do you think that number is retired through all of baseball?

bloopy: do you think the upcoming election will basically come down to race?. . . ‘cuz the media seems to be avoiding the issue, but to me it seems like outside of states like california and new york, the fact that obama is black might be the deciding factor. . .

i think the upcoming election will basically come down to the thing that it always comes down to – trust. the far left will never vote for a republican, even one like mccain who even most of the right arent in love with. the far right will never vote for a dem, even one who is popular, well spoken, and sorta magical like barry hussien. so it comes down to the middle: those who at one point were called reagan democrats, or undecideds, or swing staters. do those people trust that “change” wont ruin the country, or do those people trust that more of the same will finally shake itself out.

lily: describe yourself in one word or less.


timmay!!!!!: why the lame country song after the decent speech?

black folk like to show off. i dont know if youve noticed. that huge stadium was a showoff. that set was a showoff. and the choice of biden to talk trash for the next two months is the flava flav of bringing the noise. so to have the nads to, in a way, steal away a Brooks n Dunn tune for the Obama “how y’a(ll) like me now was genius because mccain cannot bust with the hip hop once the balloons fall. which is further proof that the uniter is that mixed raced boy with the funny name. of course i would have picked skynyrd. or worse “born in the usa” since mccain was born in panama.

Patrick: Used to live in the ‘wood and coming down for 2 days tomorrow. can people still roam around the errol flynn estate? is boardners still there? where is the best place on hollywood boulevard to eat now?

not sure about errol, but boardners is still there. but massively remodeled. you wont even recognize it. the best place to eat on hollywood blvd is Palms Thai on 5900 Hollywood Blvd. which has moved out of thaitown and closer to the henry fonda music box.

4rilla: I know you had a profound post Katrina experience in NOLA. Have you checked out pictures of the murals that Banksy has been putting up around town? Thoughts?

i had not seen those, so thanks 4rilla. yes i was moved when i visited new orleans a few summers ago. and im glad that banksy is reminding people that not a lot has changed down there. i think hes a talented and powerful artist and social commentator so im glad hes bringing his spotlight to where it needs to be.

zona: do your drapes match your carpet?

i have mexican blankets as drapes in the living room, sheer white drapes in the boudiour, and nothing in the bathroom (hi neighbors!). i have hardwood floors with oriental carpets from target and ikea here and there. so yes.

adriel: hahahahaha. um….let’s see. am i too picky? or are there really that many tards running loose in this town? also is it harder for a man to love God than a woman?

you might be too picky. but there also might be a lot of tards in your town. i know a few people in this world. but very few are single nontard men. it doesnt surprise me that women kiss each other these days, or that its not hard for me to find a date at the last minute. seems to be a buyers market for dudes who are tard-lite if not tard-free.

Phaedra: what’s sexier – lingerie, or au natural?

i know some women friends who are all “why should i bother with lingerie, my guy will just rip it off in seconds.” i dont understand those dudes. when we go to a club, isnt part of the show looking at all the ladies and their fancy outfits? when we go to the beach, isnt part of the joy checking out the variety of bikinis? why would it be any different in the bedroom, the dining room table, or the floor? maybe im more visual than even the average man, but to me theres nothing hotter than getting picked up at the airport, driving home and while zooming down the 405 placing my hand on the thigh of my lady friend and noticing theres a garter strap there which leads to something a little special.

PatZ: which is more fashionable; the Borat swimsuit, or the Seinfeld manziere?

part of the education i got at ucsb was the idea that as great as ee cummings was, his style was sooooo unique that you couldnt build from it, you could only imitate it. i feel that was about the borat onepiece. wear that and people will think Borat and only Borat. thus, once again, seinfeld wins.

Sharp (aka Azreal Darkskies): Is there a favourite piece of LA graffiti for you?

theres lots of great LA street art. my favorite is really close to my house, and thats the Elliott Smith tribute wall in between Malo and McDonalds on sunset. i am not a huge fan of his music, but i really appreciate how it started, how its been maintained, and how important it has become to his fans.

Lemei: if you were a coffee, what kind of coffee would you be?

i dont like coffee. i dont like coffee ice cream either. i like the smell of it. i dont mind hot chinese gurl coffee breath in the morning. but if i was a coffee id be hot chocolate. with whipped cream. and a cherry on top named lemei.

photo of the mannequin in lingerie by james, bottom photo by lush.i.ous

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