my first full beer was an old style at wrigley field

i was way too young to be drinking, but back then if your mom gave you $10 you could sit in the bleachers for $3, get a hot dog for $2, get a beer for $3 and still have some money left over to get some peanuts and a score card and a pencil and stuff.

the beer guy looked at me when i asked for a beer. he was carrying two cases through the bleachers. in those days the bleachers were legendary, but that didnt mean that people really sat there much.

i said, one please.

he looked around, looked at the scoreboard, looked at me. figured i was screwed forever

and poured me one.

if im ever in the position to breed or adopt, i wont allow my children to be cub fans.

its too expensive.

update: this photo says it all

hey sports fans… youre gonna love this

your boy tp asked a favor of your boy matt welch and buddy (and new dad) is now blogging on the Fabulous Forum blog at the LAT exclusively about the California Angels of Anaheim and their run to the World Series

bro has already written a few pieces that you should check out, and linked to the amazing vid above of Lou Reed and some chubby dude.

not your typical LAT post.

which is why we love him.

lil bill

ah the cute lad makes me feel so much better about the future of america. unless hes a midget. no, its a kid. isnt it?

speaking of kids, guess who’s preggers? blog pioneer nay.

when history looks back at the founding fathers of blogging dont be surprised if they dont find men, but teen girls known in some circles as “cam girls” who blogged before there was blogging.

hot babes like nay coded their own pages, updated frequently, added lots of photos, and beautiful and ever-changing design.

now the babe is having a babe, so congratulations nay, the busblog was inspired by you even before there was blogger.