nine minutes with tony

talked with a lovely beauty contestant on the phone yesterday as i was speeding along a freeway and we were discussing what else blogging and she was saying how its difficult for her to write every day.

i told her what i tell everyone, you just have to get it into your daily ritual. im sure if excercise could get into my daily ritual my six pack abs would return and so would the taps of the teens on my window pane.

but it seems to me that blogging should be even easier than runnign or weight lifting because you can do it from the friendly confines of your desk at home or at work or even via your phone if youre that technologicially advanced. but still one should be able to find 10 or in this case 8 minutes to write something about their day.

for example yesterday i was talking to a beautiful beauty queen about how she has a hard time finding men of like interests, so i suggested that she create a Group in Facebook for bloggers in her state (she lives in a small state). And even if the dudes who show up are horrible bloggers and have boring blogs, who cares, youre there to meet and drink and hang out and commiserate. and later, makeout.

seems to me that these days with facebook and twitter and blogs and IM and all these other free and easy ways to connect, people STILL arent connecting the way youd expect. hotties are still single and the men dont know how to find them.

the here i am here i am beacon still cant figure out a way to do more than get the losers dates and the hos diseases.

which is why i keep hammering home blogging.

as old and as fugly and as poorly dressed as i am, i have never been less lonely than with this silly url. the phone rings, the emails flow, the comments trickle, but the women line up. maybe not like they did when this blog was actually good, but the here i am s-o-s seems to be working on the busblog fairly well and it cost pretty much nothing while only takes minutes a day.

8 minutes, in this example.


yesterday i had tickets to game four of the cubs dodgers playoffs

they were fourth row seats in the all u can eat section. but because life isnt fair no such game took place, so karisa called and said lets go to club sushi instead.

i was all, fine. who cares. i dont care any more. she said, one small thing, its in hermosa. i was all fine. she was like, wow you really dont care do you?

hermosa btw is yuppie central. which does have a few advantages, not many, but a few, namely the ladies are outta control, especially on a summer day in october.

the sushi was good, the company of course was great, and they had a gazillion flat screens but none, alas, were showing the patriots. so karisa and i drank and ate and drank and ate – for two hours! time flies with karisa though, somehow, and she looked pretty good despite having just completing Another triathlon. id be dead after such a thing. hell, i feel like dying after walking up 5 flights of stairs.

today i have such a crazy schedule. i have no idea why i set up my mondays in such a way, i have like 5 meetings and i have to do a training. im an idiot.

after sushi i drove back across LA and caught up on Terminator: the sarah conner chronicles. one of my favorite shows. i also gave Tim another chance but its terrible. i also saw True Blood which is my favorite show.

then i ignored the phone ringing about 5 times. 4 were the same person who doesnt seem to get the hint.

youd think that after it rained, the smog would clear, and certain women would also clear their heads of nuttiness. but no.

you know what i hope they invent one day – a device that will keep your bananas from turning brown.