vegas weekend pics

i stayed at the new Planet Hollywood hotel and casino which used to be the Aladin. forget that its called Planet Hollywood, the place is really cool. sorta like a bigger, better Hard Rock hotel. and cheaper. my room was $99 for friday and $140 for saturday. this isnt the hotel, this is what theyre building across the street. some multi billion dollar monstrocity.

because Planet Hollywood tries to seperate themselves with their authentic ties to the movies, always try to put props and photos and junk all over their walls. it might be ok in the restaurants. but do you really want Sam Jackson looking at you as you take a bath?

and this creepy beaten baby doll sufficating in a plastic box was weird to have next to ones bed.

took a risk and took the girl to Todai which is an all you can eat sushi place. pretty gross. but i definately ate my $25 worth.

it was in the trippy mall that they have there which has this weird rain storm area. maybe it was being with this particular woman, but i never even thought about how the malls in these huge hotel/casino places are the reason many women want to come to vegas. that the gambling, the buffets, the strip clubs, and the drinking are probably things that men like a tad more.

one thing i really liked about planet hollywood was it was all valet parking. and it was free. of course if you check out on sunday at 11am you hafta wait 15-20 minutes, but its cool. tip the dude a few bucks and youre on your way.

best meal? late night pf changs room service while writing October Surprise.

just as i was crossing las vegas blvd yesterday afternoon

on my way to the freeway, my mom called my cell phone to ask me where i was

i said, vegas.

she said, i read your blog and i dont like to hear you whoring around (omg, as if)

i was all, ma, you cant believe that blog.

she said, i know, but still.

i was like, mom. nothing in there is true, after seven years youd think that would have seeped in.

she said but our relatives read it.

i was all, mom, the whole world reads it, mostly cuz i dont write it to the specifics of my wonderful mother. i write it kinda to the opposite of that.

then we talked about cats and dogs and the bears and normal things. then i went to jack in the box

and as i drove home i realized that she didnt say one negative thing about going to the playboy mansion a week ago, but a quickie little weekend in vegas rises her ire?

fascinating. and more proof that you should simply write with the freedom that you have because you never know what your critics will object to.