as you may know, earlier this month some of the online team was moved

from the 5th floor of the building to the 3rd floor newsroom. i was one of those who moved

not that i watch a lot of tv at work because well because i have enough to see online

and there are the emails and the phone calls and the meetings and the writing

but today they put up a sweet tv pretty much right in the perfect place for me, and i thank you

we’re headed to the Edison in a few minutes

its sorta a trendy bar downtown

but not really.

its fancy, they wont let you in if you have jeans on if its after 8pm, they wont let you wear tshirts, the women who work there dress like flappers, the dudes wear zoot suits

but its like what the bat cave would look like if robin had a gay decorater help him remodel it.

im going there for work. to schmooze in a way, but not really. but sorta.

i dont like schmoozing. i dont like doing very much other than blogging and talking to people about blogging. which in a way is what i will be doing because otherwise for sure i wouldnt be going, id be watching the debate or watching manny try to get the dodgers back into this playoff series.

ive learned that sometimes you hafta do a tad amount of schmoozing and a tad amount of things that you really dont wanna do. a famous person named tony once said that life is about the struggle between doing the things you love to do and the things you feel like you have to do.

im lucky that my girl sarah from metromix wants to go to said bar also so i wont be there naked, as it were, i will have someone to hang with and eat sweet potato fries with.

what would i be doing tonight if i didnt have to go to this cool bar that often has hot women? probably nothing. probably playing PSP madden 08

like a loser

saw weezer last night with the lovely ali miller of metromix.

the band played the forum where ive seen numerous shows: bob seger, tom petty, eric clapton, nirvana, duran duran + village people, hole + marilyn manson, ac/dc + yngvie malmsteen, the grateful dead, eminem, the cars, the cure, and several more.

we had floor seats. not really seats. you got to stand on the same floor where magic faced off against bird, where wayne gretzky brought hockey to america, where marvin gaye sang the greatest version of the national anthem, where hendrix once played…

and as i was standing there i thought how when they were building staples center i had thought “now why on earth would they do that? the forum has all the classy events, the sports arena has all the rest, we dont need no crappy ass new place just for the benefit of sky boxes for the rich.”

but the forum is definately showing its age. its not just about the sky boxes, its an old arena without the benefit of being architectually classic. its not like its 100 years old, its only 40 years old, if that. its just old.

the sound was good for being a barn, and rivers and company seemed to have a good time and the kids had a good time and ali and i had a good time, but it made me wonder how i will feel in 20-30 years when Staples is just another arena lacking in soul and filled only with memories of past events.

sucks to feel that way about age, but it made me think that when we make new things, perhaps we should think about what they will look and feel like once the shininess of it wears off. does it have something that will hold up after decades?

we have the wiltern and the el rey on wilshire that are so classy. theres the hollywood bowl and even the santa barbara bowl that have definately stood the test of time. but maybe those sports arenas of the 60s and 70s, the large and small ones, maybe it was right to tear them down for lacking anything redeeming except places where great crap once went down.

before we ate at this soul food place which was soooooo damn good. we almost went to this other one, but it was 8pm and we were in the hood and nooooone was eating in there, so we kept driving and found this one with a line going outta the door. we went there. it was great.

here are some other pics from last night.

if all goes well i will have a real concert review today on our new music blog, Pop & Hiss which launched yesterday.