karisa asked “hey tony whaddya want for your birthday?”

i was all just come to my birthday party on wednesday at the redwood. she was like, no no, other than that, of course i will come to your party, but what do you want on top of that?

i was like, i dont care, lets just hang out if you have some time either the weekend before or the weekend after. she said duh, but what? i was all, lets eat somewhere and see a movie or something.

but karisa doesnt like movies so she said “how about i get some of your favorite bands together, i know how weird you are about getting everyone together.”

so i was all, cool! tsar, monster squad, rocket, mere mortals, this will be great! so yesterday she picked me up, i didnt know where the rock was gonna be. and she drove me to the valley, which is weird cuz most of our friends play in silver lake or hollywood or downtown.

we went inside this car dealership where she had rented out this well whole car dealership

and there were remote control cars to play with

and the batmobile was there!

and this crazy space ship car from the Jetsons was there

this car from the future by Ford of all people was there

but i was promised rock. so we went inside and there was Dave Navarro playing guitar with kip bauersfield singing!

then my favorite American Idol, Ryann Starr showed up with these dirty pussycat doll babes and they danced to one of my favorite AC/DC songs “girls got rhythm”

then the guitarist from The Cult came out and everyone sang “Love Removal Machine”

then Steve Stevens came out and they all sang “Rebel Yell”

then Xzibit came out and rapped something crazy but i was getting drunk at this point and i cant remember what he sang but Karisa was fully eating it up

but weirdly, all of that was just the warm up for the good stuff. all of a sudden Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols came out and everyone sang “EMI” and “suffojet city”

then Cypress Hill showed up and did a few numbers including my fave “Rock Superstar”:

with SLASH on guitar!

then they did Welcome to the Jungle!

slash + navarro trading solos was pretty amazing all by themselves

then because karisa is the best. and she hearts me. and i heart her back.




busted with Crazy Train, Iron Man, I Dont Know, and S.O.S.

with Slash and Navarro on the dual guitar attack

then she sent me home with bai ling

best birthday ever.