1938: Inventor Chester Carlson produces the first electrophotographic image.

It’s the precursor of the Xerox machine.

October 22, 1990 Jonathan Lipnicki, actor, Jerry McGuirre
October 22, 1985 Zac Hanson, Hanson – MMMM Bop
October 22, 1981 Michael Fishman, actor, DJ – Roseanne
October 22, 1974 Layla Harvest Roberts, Miss October ’97
October 22, 1974 Miroslav Satan, Buffalo Sabres
October 22, 1973 Ichiro Suzuki, OF, Seattle Mariners
October 22, 1972 Scott Lachance, NY Islanders
October 22, 1972 Victoria Lagerstrom, Miss Sweden ’97
October 22, 1971 Anthony “Pig” Miller, LA Lakers
October 22, 1970 Spike Jonze, director “Sabatoge”
October 22, 1968 Shelby Lynne, country singer
October 22, 1966 Valeria Golino, actress, Rain Man
October 22, 1965 Marvin Washington, NY Jets, SF 49ers
October 22, 1965 Otis Smith, NY Jets
October 22, 1963 Brian Boitano, gold medal figure skater
October 22, 1963 Cherie Witter, playmate, 2/85
October 22, 1961 Barbara Potter, tennis player, changed shirt on Wimbledon Court
October 22, 1961 Leonard Marshall, NY Giants, Jets
October 22, 1958 Bobby Blotzner, rock drummer, Ratt
October 22, 1952 Jeff Goldblum, actor, Fly, Jurassic Park
October 22, 1952 Patti Davis, daughter of Nancy Reagan
October 22, 1946 Eddie Brigati, singer, The Rascals
October 22, 1946 Richard Loncraine, director, Deep Cover, Bellman and True
October 22, 1945 Leslie West, [Weinstein] rocker, Mountain – Mississippi Queen
October 22, 1943 Catherine Deneuve, actress
October 22, 1942 Annette Funicello, Mickey Mouse Club
October 22, 1939 Joaquim Chissano, president of Mozambique, 1986-
October 22, 1939 Tony Roberts, actor, Annie Hall
October 22, 1938 Christopher Lloyd, actor, Taxi, Back to the Future
October 22, 1936 Bobby Seale, American Activist
October 22, 1927 Ray Stern, mother of radio personality Howard Stern
October 22, 1920 Timothy Leary, Harvard prof, LSD taker
October 22, 1917 Joan Fontaine, Tokyo, Japan, actress, Gunga Din, Ivanhoe, Rebecca
October 22, 1913 Bo Dai, last emporer of Vietnam
October 22, 1913 Patricia “Boots” Mallory, U.S. dancer/actress, Handle With Care
October 22, 1908 Tony Pierce, Dumbass, Blogger – busblog, LAist, LA Times(!)
October 22, 1907 Henriette Wyeth, 1st lady of american art
October 22, 1907 Jimmy Foxx, baseball HR hitter, 534, Detroit Tigers
October 22, 1896 Charles Glenn King, biochemist, discovered vitamin C
October 22, 1845 Sarah Bernhardt, born in France, actress, Camille, Queen Elizabeth
October 22, 1811 Franz Liszt, Hungary, romantic composer/virtuoso pianist
October 22, 1689 Joao V, Rei Fidelissimo, king of Portugal, 1706-50
October 22, 1686 Georg Balthasar Schott, composer

im going to turn 102 years old tomorrow.

im having dinner with the publisher of rolling stone tonight. my coworkers are throwing me a party at a downtown bar tomorrow. my bears are on fire. ac/dc has a new cd coming out today. and our paper had a pretty major redesign today.

but you know what im obsessed with?

the fact that the vending machine dude not only came to replenish the soda machine and didnt fill in the empty row with my beloved apple juice as we hoped he would last week.

but he didnt even throw me a bone with orange juice either.

im outraged.

yes im glad that he didnt give us more grapefruit juice. but whats up with trying to overload us with Gatorade? you can shove your electrolytes where the sun doesnt shine. i want the real thing. the fruit juice of love.

an apple a day gets you to 102 looking as good as i do. orange juice in a pinch, but not that phoney baloney gatorade.

im gonna find out who this vending machine dude is and “interview” him for your ass, if you know what i mean.