xTx gets interviewed! and mentions meeeeee! yay!

an excerpt:

Q. your blog doesn’t seem to be promoting your ‘writing’. it just seems like your doing it for fun. you obviously have some kind of an audience. how long did it take for people to become really interested in your blog? how long were you just writing this blog for yourself?

A. I started blogging in 2002 when you were in diapers. I blogged on a site called “Diaryland”. I started gaining an audience probably about a year in. This was probably due to being ‘promoted’ by a superstar fellow blogger…the Blogfather…Tony Pierce who I had met on a poetry chat board some 8 years prior. He got me blogging and now he is the blog editor at the LA Times. We have ‘known’ each other 13 years, but have never met. I would’ve never blogged if it wasn’t for him.

I’ve always been writing my blog for myself as I must write shit or I feel like that feeling when you have to crap or when you have to sneeze or when you feel like throwing up and the only way I can make that feeling go away is if I write. The bonus prize for writing ‘for myself’ is that others seem to enjoy it as well. I also write for them because they are cool for even wanting to read my shit in the first place. Go them!

My blog does not ‘promote’ my writing, in that, I’m not looking to become an ‘author’ at this time in my life. I have been published at a handful of online zines and that is awesome and fun, but not my main focus. I think when my life changes in a few years, I might really try getting ‘serious’ at writing or something. But for now, it’s just because I feel the need to write

read the whole deal here when i can remember which blog it was on

update: heres where the lovely interview with xTx is!

photo by jared via flickr

im hungover

but happy. headachey but satisfied. i ate sushi twice yesterday, and barfed it up once.

im off to the doctors for the results of my physical. but in the meantime here are some of the folks who helped me celebrate my millionth and one birthday

thank you all for your nice comments, phone calls, text pages, facebook messages, gifts, cards, balloons, and nudes.

i feel very lucky and grateful and loved and appreciated. its crazy!