the other super important birthday of the day

belongs to ms flagrant disregard

for many years flagrant has been a favorite blogger of mine. mostly because i dont always know what the heck shes writing about and also cuz shes never boring.

sometimes i worry about her, sometimes i pray for her, but im always happy whenever i see something new from her.

and i was thrilled when she sent me this hilarious video.

much love splinky!

today is danielle’s birthday

shes 24.

there was a time at the xbi when i looked around and i thought to myself thats it, this place is going to be the death of me.

danielle showed up the very next day, claimed to love bukowski, recreational drugs, and going commando whenever possible aka always. turned out she was just keeping it real.

since she has moved to san dieger the stock market has crashed several times, the real estate market sunk, theres been massive fires everywhere, not to mention the hurricanes in the gulf states.

life has been out of balance, koyaanisqatsi.

there are several amazingly perfect young women sprinkled around the blogosphere who are smart sexy and totally down but the men in their lives are jackholes.

danielle keeps it amazingly real on her blog which i love.

danielle at farmers market + danielle gets stung by a bee + best pic i ever took of her

never trust a girl who says she wants to “see if there are any deals” on Thanksgiving DAY!

its the female equivalent of “just the tip”.

first we went to my favorite thanksgiving tradition – going to the Pantry, getting a few dinners and then giving them out to some of those less fortunate. thats right, fellow cub fans.

bad picture of the line. but it was pretty long. which is why getting food to-go is always the best bet

speaking of food. isnt it cool that Emo Phillips is now working for Jack n the Crack?

we drove around from this “sample sale” to that one. i looked at her try on clothes. some times its better that way cuz you say to yourself “is this girl worth all this?” and then she will walk out in something and you’ll be all “never mind, shes worth it”

we ended up, finally at the destination, santee alley, where i was shocked that even on Turkey Day itself, one of the holiest days of the year, stores were open and peeps were out.

well, not all the stores were open

but all the laker fans were ready to rock

santee alley

creepy alley

oddest stocking stuffer? clearly the God’s Image penis lighters.

second place comes the knockoff cheap babies made of led and red dye #2

most interesting trend? Obama crap EVERYWHERE

gotta say the Michelle and Barack sorta shepard fairey sorta ed hardy hoody is probably my favorite.

but you know the best thing about the day/night? if you go on a thanksgiving date with a girl, and you eat early, odds are you and she will fall asleep early, or at least get really sleepy

and because its really just thursday and you may have had groundrules that you cant spend the night at their house on school nights, you might have a good excuse to skedaddle around 9pm

ok thats the best thing. worst thing is if she lives near the beach or worse, on the beach, and youre drowsy you might have a struggle of a drive home. so heres something i learned from some trucker friends if youre drowsey while driving:

chew gum and sing to super hard songs.

if your mind is forced to work it will help you stay awake. simply chewing gum might do the trick, but singing, for me, really helps because im a terrible singer. so what i do is i sing in different voices, like in a dylan voice or in an ac/dc voice or in a pogues voice or in a Gwar voice.

and here i am alive, and with leftovers, so life is good. now off to Target to foolishly see if theres a guitar hero world tour game with my name on it for $59. ha!

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people who oughtta be blogging cuz when they do it makes everything better

the pants

what am i thankful for this year?

you and you and you and omg you and you and this and you and that and you and that one time and you and my sweet job and you and my health and you and you and that and that other time and that one thing and you and the fact youre still my friend after that and you and you and you despite that and you and this and the busblog and you and my car that refuses to be anything but amazing and you and you and canada and you and howard stern and you and you and everything that got me here and you and the Lord and the fact that i wasnt sick all year and you and you and mama mia you and canada and you and holland and you and october except for the dodgers and you and you and you and blogging and my bffs and the nexus and you and tsar and you and my coworkers

and you.

update: what i was thankful for last year

today is my sister’s birthday

shes 23

over the last week youve seen photos and videos of lovely children. even though they look ridiculously like me, they are actually the hard work of my sister.

as you can imagine being the younger sister of tony pierce wasnt easy. i was mean, unruly, loud, retarded, devious, i tried to date her friends, and because i was older i blazed a crazy trail through each school system that unfortunately for her she had to follow.

the result, she has a real house (a big one at that), two great cars, two great kids, animals, friends, and she even supported and volunteered for (from the begining) your new president of the united states. and not just because her middle name is Hope.

if it wasnt for my sister i wouldnta gone to florida and i wouldnta stayed in such a killer pad. i love her very much and i wouldnta been who i am today if it wasnt for her.

you can see her briefly in the video above wearing the Obama hat.

happy birthday Angie!