today is my sister’s birthday

shes 23

over the last week youve seen photos and videos of lovely children. even though they look ridiculously like me, they are actually the hard work of my sister.

as you can imagine being the younger sister of tony pierce wasnt easy. i was mean, unruly, loud, retarded, devious, i tried to date her friends, and because i was older i blazed a crazy trail through each school system that unfortunately for her she had to follow.

the result, she has a real house (a big one at that), two great cars, two great kids, animals, friends, and she even supported and volunteered for (from the begining) your new president of the united states. and not just because her middle name is Hope.

if it wasnt for my sister i wouldnta gone to florida and i wouldnta stayed in such a killer pad. i love her very much and i wouldnta been who i am today if it wasnt for her.

you can see her briefly in the video above wearing the Obama hat.

happy birthday Angie!

the busblog would like to congratulate ms brooke burke

for winning the coveted Dancing With The Stars trophy

shes come a long way since having to work with me at the xbi where i was her secret bodyguard and occasional chopper pilot

brooke is super talented, obviously beautiful, and one of the most professional on air personalities anyone could want to work with.

but one thing that is often overlooked – her voice is amazing.

congrats brooke!