what is Christmas all about

it’s about being in another time zone, with your family, with high school friends, in a guest room watching deal or no deal with the wind bloooooooowing onto the storm windows saying “but I want to watch deal or no deal with you!”

Christmas is about eating and eating and eating without worrying what karisa will think and then listing it all on yr blog: fish, Chinese food starring many shrimp and fried dishes, bacon and grits breakfasts, turkey and mashed potatoes and collard greens, deep dish pizza from ginos east, veal, chipotle beef burrito, many Old Style beers, a few Stellas,home made cupcakes, regular cokes, spiral ham, turkey sandwiches. Chocolates.

Christmas is about playing wii wiith the children one child of whom hates lose so much that when Santa brings new games the boy says uncle tony you play and he watched and takes copious mental notes in regards to mario cart.

Christmas is about being allergic to the new cats but not so allergic that it means more than just sniffling.

Christmas is about getting free tickets to Monday Night Football between da bears and the Wisconsin Women from people who are leaving Soldier Field before halftime because it’s the coldest game ever played there on the lakefront.

Christmas is about being at Woodfield Mall (once the largest mall in the us) on Christmas Eve with your lovely mother and being waited on by the most patient men in Apple Store history as the mall is trying to close.

Christmas is about getting a drunken phone call from Karisa who reports that she and her twentysomething sister were drinking at her brothers bar on Christmas night and the ladies started playing a game of let me slap you ok but only if I can slap you too. Karisa being the triathlete superwoman won immediately and her sister protested the violent loss and the crowd was all omg eastcoast westcoast and there were tears and Karisa ended up Not sleeping at her sisters house that night.

Christmas is about apologies and hangovers the next morning.

But mostly Christmas is about blogging from a phone for the handful of loyal readers who are in equally odd places on this holy holiday. God bless.