exclusive interview with Bree on her 23rd birthday!

me: ok, happy birthday bree – what are you gonna do to celebrate tonight?
bree: Im going to see Fall Out Boy at the Troubadour! (hopefully)
me: whoah is this a secret show just for you?
bree: hahah i wish. no. just a small show, though. if they sang happy bday, thatd be pretty cool, though.
me: doesnt being the owner of those amazing shoes provide free entrance to any FOB show?
bree: it should, right?
me: speaking of that video, how long did it take you to make that thing?
bree: oh like half a day. if i honestly thought THAT many people would see it, i might have spent a little more time. and maybe would not have LICKED the shoes.
ok, well, thats a lie.
me: did the shoes fit perfectly or are they a little big?
bree: they fit perfectly 🙂

me: this year you got to travel the country during the Warp Tour – what band surprised you the most with their awesomeness that you didnt expect?
bree: I really loved Automatic Loveletter as a band that I didn’t really know about before warped
me: did you fall for my all japanese ska band of teen girls Oreskaband?
bree: oh they were so cute. but they also made the line for girls showers a little longer. so for awhile i would hit the showers while they played haha
me: speaking of… was it hard being a vegetarian on the road?
bree: ohmygosh, warped is the best tour ever for vegetarians/vegans, i dont even eat that healthy on my own. ta-da catering is like, the best thing about warped tour. haha
me: was it free / cheap?
bree: Buzznet hooked it up for me.

me: Buzznet was where you and I met. Back when you started you had a very different job than what you have now. Can you explain what a normal day is for you over there these days?
bree: A normal day. Hmm. Theres always so much going on. Usually I spend the mornings looking for content to feature, then i write some stories, QA some stuff, maybe write the newsletter, go to some meetings, try to activate the community
all while fielding various buzznets questions for the n00bs here
because im like, buzznet 411 apparently
im pimping this page right now:
me: ok that gallery is interesting, cuz theres quite a few bands ive never heard of
is that cuz im old, or becuase many of those bands suck?
bree: neither. theyre just not youre scene 😉 haha. i would probably only vouch for All Time Low and The Academy Is… though
me: isnt ATL the ones who have the tshirt that says ‘Sup Buzznet?
bree: Yep
me: do they actually rock?
bree: Totally. And they’re hilarious. We took them to Disneyland once. It was fun

me: ok good, so thats one band that rocks, and youre not gonna pretend that TAI rocks so heres my question… these kids grew up on classic and alternative rock, they have tattoos, yet they play such bs wimpy ass music. why? is it because hot girls like you allow it? wheres the next Motorhead, wheres the next Janes Addiction? Wheres the next guitar hero?
bree: ive never liked a band that really had any cred, so im not the right person to ask. haha. im a sucker for wimpy, nasal-voiced poppunk
me: so you Are to blame!
bree: probably.

me: ok not long ago you broke hearts everywhere by getting a bf, but the good news is he lives in Santa Barbara, and you enjoy taking the train to go up there
did the metrolink crash, and the Amtrak running out of gas scare you out of taking the train for your rendezvouses?
bree: no, not really. even though it was kinda freaky that THAT week i took the train on a thurs instead of the friday. Machines dont scare me. People do. creepy ass people on the metro

me: ok final question. this one for the ladies, indirectly. when we worked together it was hard not to notice that you loved makeup and all things girlie
so what makeup and hair products are you into these days?
bree: im pretty simple when it comes to hair products – i use redkin rewind and aveda thickening powder. sometimes this blue tigi goop – i dont know the name of it
bree: as for makeup, im a girl on a budget so its mostly drugstore stuff EXCEPT for Clinique… foundation, liquid eyeliner and bronzer. i have about 45 varieties of chapstick and lotion
thats probably my biggest girly thing

me: ok real quick, gimme 5 cds that came out this year that you loved
bree: the hush sound – goodbye blues, panic at the disco – pretty odd, The Matches… i dont remember the title. go ahead and tack FOB’s upcoming release and Britney’s ‘circus’
me: nice. any love for the Ting Tings?
bree: I had flings with several of their songs. but i dont listen to the cd in its entirety
me: ok fair enough. anything youd like to say to the busblog readers? any shout outs?
bree: shout out to all my favorite girls on buzznet. they make my job so cool
and thanks for interviewing me! that was fun!
me: any time!

check out bree every day on Buzznet at breesays.buzznet.com

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