found myself in that big fancy makeup store

saw this and thought, how is this possible? how is it legal?

dont they know little girls go into such stores?

am i really gonna have to put my daughters up for adoption?

even the adopted ones?

what if i was a proud parent and today i got a list of things they wanted “santa” to get them and on the list said “and omg anything from the NARS Orgasm Collection!”

not only would i say no baby youre not getting one damn thing from any orgasm collection, but the concept of burkas are suddenly seemingly more appealing.

believe or not but this:

is not from the orgasm collection.

you dont even wanna know how much that stuff cost.

two things caught my eye at the department store, which was next door to the makeup hobaggery:

a tshirt that cost $70 dollars. yes, during a recession/depression such a shirt exists

and torn jeans that cost $200 out the door.

my mind exploded.

what world do people live in where they can afford $70 for tshirts and $189 for jeans? who ARE these people? what jobs do they have?

sometimes i forget where i am sometimes

the boutiques werent any better. $50 for obama tshirts. $19,999 for 70 inch televisions.

last week i spent $25 on a pair of jeans at the Obey outlet sale and i had to think about it for a few minutes. what goes through peoples minds when they consider spending what should be considered enough for a new car for a new television.

shouldnt you flinch at such a price?

because if dont i really need to get back into selling televisions.

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