i am in chicago

it is so cold even the cold is cold.

the wind was blowing so hard that when the limo driver picked me up at the airport he didnt say anything and i didnt say anything and i just sat in the very back for a good 15 minutes in all my clothes and coat and scarf and just waited for the blood to regain to my face.

actually the driver didnt say jack to me probably because the roads werent good and snow was every where not to mention ice. and wind. and that was fine with me because i couldnt see out of the windows. i just listened to howard stern interview the penthouse pet of the year and a porn star and i ate mcdonalds at midnight.

and i wondered why i left beautiful los angeles

land of palm trees and endless summer

home of year round bikini stores and dudes who wear shorts in decemeber. saw one of them at the airport.

i think i was invited to a bar crawl tonight by this gentleman, but i havent even gotten out of bed. theres a two hour time diff here.

in other news i smell bacon.

in other news i have 666 facebook friends. i wonder if i can keep it at that for a while.

in other news, dont tell karisa that i will probably eat said bacon.

in crazy news – woman twitters a plane crash!

in better news the wind is roaring. and i think i hear my lil nephew.


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