i had the best conversation with karisa

i was telling her the story about the young lady who told me that she never wanted to see me again.

“how about never” i believe was the response to my earnest invitation.

this young lady and i have the best dinners.

i was going to ask her if maybe since our dinners are the best parts of our times together maybe all we should do together is have dinners.

none of the before or after,

just the looking into the eyes.

the scanning of the dinner threads

the ordering, the waiting

the nibbling

then the gorging.

its la so no desert.

karisa said the root of the problem is lack of trust. and without that

theres nothing.

and of course shes right. as always.

but what is wrong with me that when i hear how about never

that just sounds like the greatest challenge.

pic of keira-anne via keira-anne

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