i saw ac/dc at the forum

because God loves me

i didnt have a ticket and hardly anyone was selling. but i had $180 so i figured id be ok

one dude was all, i can get you in for $150 and i almost took him up on it

but this other dude took the ticket from the scalpers hand while i was thinking

so i kept walking closer to the forum and this chick i kid you not was saying to her man

“i cant believe people would drive through all that traffic, pay $20 to park way over at Hollywood Park

“and not have a ticket. i mean, omg, why would you risk it?”

i saw this black dude and he said, i have 1 ticket and it’s great, it’s third row loge. right near the floor. $200.

i said i have 140 maybe 160. he said gimme 160.

and i did and he gave me one of those paper tickets the ones you print out of your printer. it said it was row c, seat 1, and i said God please let this be the real thing, and suddenly i really wanted to go to the show.

and the lady in front of me was asked by the ticket taker “are you sure you havent been in here yet?” cuz her ticket was having probs getting scanned.

and the dude next to me, he was having probs with his ticket getting scanned, they had to type in every number.

so i said one more final prayer.

and when it was my time, the scan didnt work at first, but she tried it again and the gun said GO and i said thank you Lord

and soon i had a $9 PBR and we were all singing along to Hells Bells

and i said, this is the song i want them to play at my wake.

and when it was all over, i turned on the ACDC station on Sirius and cranked it with both windows open all through the parking lot, up Crenshaw, across the 105 freeway, around that crazy 126 story loop in the sky to the 110

and past staples and past down town and onto the Hollywood Freeway and to my house.

AC/DC was there the day i hit puberty, and there they were the day my dream job went chapter 11.

hell aint a bad place to be.

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