Merry Christmas rockers!

yes there is no photo on this post because I’m forced to write you from my iphone because my new computer ate it after I tried to instal SP2 ontop of XP using moms computer – alls well. Long boring story not fit for Christmas, a day a shepard and his virgin wife gave birth to the son of God in the modest straw of a manger in is-rye-elle.

My mom and I listened to dozens of Christmas songs tonight as I wrapped gifts and she put up the final decorations to her house. I am very fortunate to be here, the town I grew up in with my mom this Christmas. I’m lucky to know a lot of you and be able to communicate with huge portions of the world. I’m lucky to kiss all the pretty girls of north america and parts of europe. And I’m very lucky to have a job I love and can’t wait to return to.

And because I’m a Christian I believe that most of it is due to todays birthday boy.

I look at most of life as a marvel. The fact that we can do half the things we do is mindboggling. I still don’t see how 757s can take off and land so easilly so maybe I’m the perfect sucker for religeon. But I also don’t know how just a few years ago I was riding the bus to a job that hated me, getting laid off, then being fired, and now having the dreamiest gig ever. I worked just as hard everywhere. How can divine intervention not be a thread in the tapestry of life?

Anyways even if all of this is just beautiful luck, I’m grateful for the good luck in my life, much of it being the virtual conversation revolving around this url. The best Christmas gift I ever got was that boring job at E! And that fateful day at work when I first typed in

Tomorrow the little ones will come back from Ohio. We will open presents, eat turkey, and play wii. Just like the baby Jesus would want.

May you all get everything you want, if not under the tree today, in your heart this year.

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