more than one person has sorta complained

that i have turned my twitter feed into what jason sutter calls “a link blog”, and because i respect all of those people a great deal, most of all sutter, i will explain why i politely disagree with them.

the job of black people, of which i am proudly a card carrying member, is to take something somewhat interesting (a guitar, a turntable, spray paint, a basketball, an old cadillac, the english language, the executive branch) and make it really interesting.

i am an early adopter. im friendly with the boys of twitter. i owe much of what i have now to the boys of twitter. and yet when i used it and when i talked to people about it folks would say “i dont get it”, and i would say “i dont get it either”.

now and then i will fake myself into thinking that i do get twitter. for example when Typepad appears to be down but doesnt say its down, i will go to and do a search for “typepad” and see what the twitters are saying, if a few of them are all “wtf typepad?!?! down again?!@?!1” then i can tell my bloggers to chill, that its not us, it’s typepad.

it’s in those moments that i believe that the nature of twitter isnt to be the star of the show (like it is in blogging), but its to be a thread in the tapestry. people enjoyed the tweets from India which helped tell that tragic story. others hated the east coast tweets several months ago which gave away the winner of American Idol. thus twitter becomes a double edged tapestry of love+hate, and one is forced to go back to thinking it’s not only Not All That, but one of those things simply destined for the second volume of Stuff White People Like.

anyways, for as many people who said that they loved the fact that i didnt blog like everyone else, some were put off by the Nothing in Here is True part, including a particular young lady who i last made out with but then said she never wanted to see me again, and then gave me the longest most lovely kiss that lasted til the morn.

therefore you folk can use twitter for the things you like, and im gonna fuel it with my friendfeed and pretend that thats why it was invented: so people can find out what im thinking about, reading, favoriting, uploading, downloading, statusing, and stalking.

in other news, im currently watching mr woodcock on tivo.

photo of madonna from her new louis v ad campaign via goldenfiddlr via the apt

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