my truest and i went to see synecdoche, new york

at manns chinese

it was pretty awesome. made you think made you laugh made you uncomfortable.

perfect movie.

i kept thinking, ok its not a perfect movie, but whenever i tried to figure out what could be improved i couldnt come up with an answer.

often charlie kaufman is just so narcissistic its intolerable. but here, even though its clearly about him and at one point, just like in john malkovich there are several hims on the screen, its ok this time, just like it was that time.

infact everythings ok. but mostly the fact that youre confused a lot and that youre definately in his world. which is where you wanna be when youre in a movie. anywhere but where you are: hollywood, manhattan, the midwest, holland. anywhere else. thats why you pay the money – to escape.

we were nervous that we’d be the only ones in the theatre but nope, there were about 20-30 people in there. none of them were laughing except me and her a little. in fact the dude behind us was sleeping.

after we were sorta blown away and talking about it cuz it makes you think about some pretty deep things about your life if youre about those sorts of things and she and i are definately about those sorts of things.

things like, are we doing the things in life that we’re supposed to be doing. are you making art or are you just someones stand in? are you with the person that speaks to your heart or are you just with the hot blonde who happens to be starring in your musical? is something burning or are you on fire in a good way? are you letting the audience in or are you keeping them out for no good reason? are you stretching as a person are you leading by example are you letting the characters in your life breathe?

my truest and i were supposed to watch football on sunday but she bailed on me. i said its ok we had a pretty emotional day on saturday what with that movie and she said yeah and said but im not blowing you off. i said i know we have some big things to think about. and she said yeah.

and her phone connection was really bad, just like in a perfect movie slash dream.

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