of all the nudes i get from canadian bloggers

the ones i like the best are from

meredith “oh mistletoe” cheesborough, who today celebrates her twenty first birthday

although the photography is far above average and the lighting is great, youd sorta expect that from the glorious canadian light reflecting off all the snow and igloos and fallen polar bears who are starving because of global warming.

i gotta say its her choice of outfits that appeals to me the most. the creativity by which she can go from one genre to the next. the clear thinking out of the box is at once breathtaking, giddy, and definitely hot.

ah young redheads in the great white north. where do you come from? where are you going? whats in the water in toronto?

normally i dont write much about meredith because sass would get jealous but today is her birthday and finally she can drink, so the secret can come out. plus how rough must it be that your day of birth is overshadowed by the Lord’s and you have to share an apartment with that attention ho ms zucket and her singing and her videoing and her blogging?

thus the nudes, i suppose. well, i for one love them and i am here to respectfully hope they keep coming like the finest columbia house record club ever imagined.

happy birthday ms mistletoe, long may you reign.

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