sass answers your damn questions

busblog: if you would be so kind, could you email me the answers to the questions the kids posed to you?
sass: I’m on the bus right now won’t be home for another 4 hours
But I’ll email them to you then
Can’t view your haloscan from the BB
busblog: fair enough
enjoy the bus molsen golden!

sass: Bah I’m boredddd
busblog: noooooo
practice french with the driver?

sass: Newp
I know ask me the questions here ongchat

lily: innie or outtie
sass: Innie. Outties are just asking to be poked inwards.

Chris Carnaghi: You are in the Super Market and you see some guy is checking you out. You can see his obvious glances and you know what is coming next. What is the best way to approach you to ask you out. Not in general but for you. The caviat is, yes you think he is hot and you want to be asked out by said stalker.
sass: Say “Hi I’m _______. What’s your name? Can I take you out sometime?”
Cuz if yer hot and I clearly want you to ask me out just cut to the chase.
And if you’re actually a dud then I can say “No” and we can move on. To seperate aisles.

andrea: What kind of cookies should I bake for Christmas? I’m baking for about ten.
sass: Chocolate chip, you can’t go wrong with chocolate chip. But you have to buy really awesome shaped cookie cutters.

Liu Yanan: what’s your dream?
sass: Well last night I dreamt that I was in the basement stock room of American Apparel and some kid came down there and stole a backpack full of socks.

busblog: what do you think that symbolizes in relation to yr life?
sass: That I work at American Apparel and I didn’t have enough socks because I had to wear 2 pairs at a time in Montreal cuz it was that cold.

photos by sass

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