steve dahl fired (again) in chicago

an excerpt from the Tribune:

Steve Dahl, a Chicago radio personality for more than 30 years whose broadcast style inspired a generation of voices, told his WJMK-FM 104.3 listeners that he was leaving the CBS Radio outlet after today’s broadcast.

Dahl’s announcement confirms longstanding rumors that he would become the latest top-paid CBS Radio Chicago host cut loose in recent months despite a contract that extends to mid-2011 worth more than $1 million annually.

“This is our last show here,” Dahl said.

Dahl, 54, has been a seminal figure in the radio business both as a solo performer and as part of a team over the years, including pairings with Garry Meier and Buzz Kilman, his most recent partner.

Seen as an influence on Howard Stern and others, Dahl was among the first to return radio, which had become a time-temperature-song medium, to something approaching theater of the mind. He did not have a classic old-school radio voice, but that was part of bringing a certain “reality” to the air, taking listeners into his world, his head and behind the scenes at the stations where he worked.

Does this mean Howard could do the right thing and offer Steve a show on Sirius XM?

Christmas is coming… and Sirius’ stock couldnt be lower. If I was Mel and Howard I’d say, what the hell, lets do this damn thing.

but seriously, CBS, what are you doing paying a guy over a million a year for three more years and not having him work for you? why give Dahl a three year paid vacation?

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