you know who else has a birthday today?

britney, bitch. below theres some video of britney spears on good morning america today where she “performed” her two new singles



britney doesnt really dance. she struts around flipping her hair about pretending to have these magical powers where she can throw gay men around. sorta fascinating.

but instead of trying to sell us records, she should put out workout tapes cuz it wasnt that long ago where her body was not the body we’re seeing in these vids. this is a woman who was eating pretty much anything she wanted. i mean, nice abs for a mother of two.

give her trainer a damn grammy.

anyways the busblog has been following brit for a while. for a very brief time i worked at a place called Artist Direct and i was there right before her first record came out and her single was single of the week even before it was released. i asked, how is that even possible, and someone made the rubbing fingers together motion and i was like oooooo.

since then the busblog saw her play at the staples center when she was 20.

celebrated her 21st bday.

didnt talk crap when she tried to gank my style.

and surprisingly enjoyed her concert last year with the M&M’s at the house of blues

even though Xtina is my girl, its good to see britney being all healthy and making it all happen again.

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